Who is drawing your timeline?

In “Timelines,” follow Katie Couric as she travels to the U.S., Japan, China and South Korea to explore the pressures put on young women by society and spark a conversation on marriage pressure and the unique role it plays as they form the timelines of their lives. She uncovers the dreams and aspirations of four young women, and she learns how these clash with the societal and cultural expectations set by older generations and the ones who love them most.
Time Lines | Katie Couric
Maluca - New York
Maluca is a musician, who might want to get married one day. She is focused on her career and her own priorities that make her happy.

Her mother Liz sees stability as a true indication of happiness and hopes the best for her daughter. Liz describes her daughter as a free spirit and tries to understand that Maluca’s timeline may be more fluid than Liz’s expectations.
Nara - Seoul | Time Lines with Katie Couric
Nara - Seoul
Nara believes her generation should have choice in everything they do – especially when it comes to marriage. Nara is an artist and influencer and wants to be a role model for progressive women in South Korea.
 Shanghai Chun Xia | Timelines with Katie Couric
Chun Xia - Shanghai
Chun Xia is an award-winning Chinese actress. She is outspoken and progressive and wants to empower young women in China. Chun Xia believes that happiness can come from many sources, and not just through marriage and settling down.
Maina - Japan | Time Lines with Katie Couric
Maina - Tokyo
In Japan, if you are not married by 25 you are considered left on the shelf. Maina is 28. She believes that hers (and all women's) timelines shouldn't be limited by age.