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SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

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  • Facial Treatment MaskFor an instant boost in your skin's suppleness and translucencyItem# 00737052033341

    A luxurious facial mask with an indulgent concentration of Pitera™ in a single application. Your skin is immediately and exceptionally immersed in moisturization, resulting in a visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion.


    Soft and luxurious, each cotton mask is generously soaked with Pitera™ for maximum delivery to the skin.

  • Place mask over eye area first, then gently spread over face.
    Pat gently but firmly to ensure mask fits well onto skin, and leave on 5-15 minutes as desired. Wipe off remaining liquid with Facial Treatment Essence, or massage extra liquid into skin.

  • Aqua (Water/ Eau), Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Butylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Salicylate, Methylparaben, Disodium EDTA.
  • Boost Moisture Editor's Choice Beauty 150
    Harper's Bazaar
    Best Mask 2017 InStyle Best Beauty Buys
    The Facial The ITG Top 25


Facial Treatment MaskFor an instant boost in your skin's suppleness and translucencyItem# 00737052033341

A luxurious facial mask with an indulgent concentration of Pitera™ in a single application. Your skin is immediately and exceptionally immersed in moisturization, resulting in a visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion.


Soft and luxurious, each cotton mask is generously soaked with Pitera™ for maximum delivery to the skin.

How to Use

Place mask over eye area first, then gently spread over face.
Pat gently but firmly to ensure mask fits well onto skin, and leave on 5-15 minutes as desired. Wipe off remaining liquid with Facial Treatment Essence, or massage extra liquid into skin.


Aqua (Water/ Eau), Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Butylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Salicylate, Methylparaben, Disodium EDTA.


Boost Moisture Editor's Choice Beauty 150
Harper's Bazaar
Best Mask 2017 InStyle Best Beauty Buys
The Facial The ITG Top 25
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" Because you're worth it ", 
First- I am a big fan of masks. I usually put one on after exfoliating while I clean the house etc. so I'm used to a mask routine 3x a week. Second- this mask is truly beautiful for two reasons- one, I love the fact that it makes me slow down by being an actual sheet mask that one puts on one's face... I can light a candle, put on calming music, my fav eye mask and this full face mask and *must* lay down. It forces me to relax. Third- The quality of the mask is worth the (very expensive) price. The actual mask itself is cut properly so yo can see out the eyeholes and also move it around so it properly covers your nose, the areas around your mouth and your chin and cheeks. Most masks of the cheaper variety don't do this properly- it always feels bizarre- the variable placement feature of the cutouts makes this great for all face shapes (because we all have different face shapes.. ). Fourth- the product on the mask is refreshing, moisturizing, not sticky ad I believe has some of the famous SKII lotion (toner) in it. Whatever it is, it does wonders for my skin and it always looks glowing afterwards. I usually squeeze out the rest of the product from the individual package after I take off the mask and massage my face with it. Is this expensive? Yes. Do yo wear your face everyday? Yes Is it worth it? YES
" Great Moisturizing Mask! ", 
I am almost 36 years old, and even if I may look younger than I am, the past few month I have seen my skin is not as "bright" as it should. I was looking for alternatives that may help my skin look good again, why not? Let’s try SK-II. First, you need to know that SKII is not your normal drug store Facial Mask, it is a little bit more expensive. I hope my review will help you take the decision of whether or not to but this product. When I look to SKKII box, the first thing that comes to my mine was that the look is pretty cool and fancy, it has a great presentation, but that doesn’t distract me from my target, getting a better skin, a good looking product doesn’t mean it will be good. So, I proceed to opened the first package and try to put it on, had difficulties in my nose areas, i couldn’t opened it completely there, but i keep trying to put it on my face, when I did, I received a nice cold refreshing sensation. Had it on for 15 to 20 min and then removed it. I didn’t wash my face after that, I use the remaining product in the mask and put it on my face and neck, the sensation of the product without the mask is different, I felt like my skin was tightening which was a great feeling, after I put the remaining product in my neck and face, I went to sleep. Next morning, I wash my face with only water and went to work (I usually do not wore makeup), my co-workers noticed immediately a change in my skin and ask me if I did something, I said I used a new mask named SKII, receiving compliments was really nice and motivated me to continue using it. After that day, I have doing the same routine weekly to keep my face moisture and in great condition, I am almost 40 so I need to have a great beauty routine and definitely SKII mask will be part of it. The product has reduce the small wrinkles I used to have under my eyes. OH oh, I almost forgot, I added a picture, yes, yes I know, I look like a mommy from the movie, but hey, I just wanted you to notice the moisture on the mask, the huge quantity of product you are getting in each mask you put on, i think that’s one of the keys for its effectiveness, other than the ingredients it has of course. Hope this review will help you. Wish you an awesome day.
" Silky soft feel ", 
I recently tried SK-II face masks. It went on easily, and left my skin feeling smooth. It was difficult to put on at first since mine kept sliding off my face, but the longer it was on the better it stayed. There was definitely enough left on my skin after to continue to massage into my face and neck area which was a nice bonus.
" Lightened my scars after one use!! ", 
I have used a couple of these masks now and they work great!! I currently have bad acne and some scars and this mask really helped to lighten the scars in just one use! The masks are also moisturizing and help soften my skin.
" Awesome pampering experience! ", 
This product is a wonderful way to feel pampered although you should do this when your alone because once you have the mask on your face it can be rather frightening to see for the little ones or your other half, lol. This product makes your face feel super soft and your skin glows after your done with the mask. With the extra liquid from the mask's pouch you can rub it down your neck to give your entire face/neck that wonderful soft, glowing feeling and look. I've had many compliments from my family and friends noticing a difference in my skin after I have used the mask. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to pamper themselves. Why go to the spa when you can be pampered at home? This is a wonderful product!
" Love this product!! ", 
I think this product is amazing! It made my face feel soft a noticeably different after just one use. My face was soft, brighter, and had a dewy look. I didn't even have to use as much moisturizer as I normally do after using this product. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.
" Fresh new skin ", 
These sk-11 facial masks are Amazing & just what I needed. Normally my face is dry in certain areas, brown spots but after a day in the sun at the beach my skin was dry & very tight. I used this product & it made my face feel Soo good! It is Soo easy to use, because there is Soo much in the mask I can fold up the mask put it back into package or sandwich bag and re apply. My skin feels Soo much better. I definitely will be using this mask again and have recommended it to my friends and family.
" Exceptional product! ", 
This is a great product. I was skeptical at first but my sister and I were doing facials at home. After 15 minutes, my skin instantly felt refreshed and hydrated. I normally have very skin so I decided to give this product a try. The next day I could tell my skin felt softer and the skin tone was more even. My pregnancy spots also appeared lighter. I saw on you tube you can re-use the mask and I will definitely give it a try due to the higher price point of this brand. I was very excited to try this product and definitely recommend it.
" It is Amazing ! ", 
This mask is cool and soothing. I closed my eyes and relaxed as if I were at a spa. I was able to notice a more even skin tone and smoother skin after the 1st use ! It helped my dryness as well as giving me a more youthful look.
" Awesome SKII mask ", 
This is my first time to use SKII from Japan . After I used this mask , I love this feel of moisturize, r visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion. . Love it .
" Skin feels so smooth and hydrated! ", 
I absolutely love these masks! So far, I've used two from the pack of six and I find myself trying to space them out because they're so luxurious and I don't want to waste them but they make my skin feel so nice that I want to use them every night! I take showers at night so I like to get out of the shower when my face is nice and clean, put on the mask and then leave it on for about 15 min while I brush my teeth and get all ready for bed. I love how cool and refreshing it feels when you place it on your face. After I take the mask off, I rub the extra remaining serum into my skin and get into bed. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is sooooo soft! I have combination skin and somehow the normally drier areas are nice and hydrated and my normally oily t-zone isn't oily or congested at all. These masks truly are multitaskers! Each pack comes with such a good amount of serum/liquid that I find myself folding the mask up when I'm done with the first use, putting it back in the package and sealing it with a bobby pin to use one more time the next night. I move the liquid all around in the package over the mask again before I take it out for the second time and I get a whole other use of it! I really recommend these masks and I will for sure be buying them to use again once I finish off my six pack.
" So Impressed ", 
Due to a rare disorder I have that causes allergic type reactions, I have to be really careful with products I use on my skin, I tend to use as less chemicals as possible so when I saw the main ingredient in SK-II, I did some research and decided it was ok to try. So glad I did. The first thing I noticed right away was the amount of product on the facemask, there is a TON, which is fantastic because you can rub the leftover on your neck which is overlooked with most facial masks. There is also very little odor, another fantastic positive to SK-II, no overwhelming smell. The feel of the mask is also amazing, very cooling when first put on so it is perfect to revitalise your skin after a day at the beach. This mask is nothing less than luxurious, it is not sticky on the skin when it dries, it really does leave your skin smooth and silky. Absolutely no residue and the best thing is you do not need to wash your face when the mask is taken off. SK-II leaves your skin refreshed and hydrated, as far as I am concerned, this is my new GO TO face mask. I have shared this with the community of other people who have the same disorder as I, we are always looking for safe products..especially in the beauty department. If I could give this 6 stars, I would.
" Relaxing and hydrating skin mask ", 
This is a really great hydrating mask to use. It took a bit for me to figure out how to use the mask but once I was able to get it on, it felt very cool and relaxing. The mask made my skin feel soft and supple. The next morning I felt my face was more hydrated.
" SKII does it again! Makeover your skin! ", 
I think SKII might be the best skincare on the market. I have dry, sensitive and sadly aging skin! i use this mask and leave on for about a half hour and its as if my skin drank a gallon of water. Its smooth, soft and regains some plumpness. pleasant mild scent. you can rub al the excess magic potion on your neck and hands for double duty! I mean you look scary when its on, but like you erased a few years when you take it off. Not a bad trade off!
" Brightened and Hydrated ", 
I have dry and sensitive skin, and am picky about what I put on my face. I was pleasantly suprised after I put this on for only 15 minutes!! My face has brightened and fully hydrated. The mask is simple to apply. At first it was really cold but after 2-3 minutes it warmed up (to my body temp). I did not notice a scent, which was a plus for me!! Overall a great product!
" The Best Face Mask I've Ever Used ", 
SKII's face mask is amazing. The first time I used it, my skin was much softer and brighter. I was a little worried at first because the mask looked really big and I have a small face. It was also different from masks I previously used because it was made with a much more thicker material. But it was able to fit my face well and held on too. The change in my skin was a big difference, so I would definitely buy this more often.
" Best facial mask ever ", 
I have tried many masks. I dont usually see a difference. But boy did these change tgat! I could tell the moment i opened the package and felt the mask that these were something special. There was so much moisturizer on them. You could definitely use twice. Then I opened it up and put it on. I saw the eye and mouth holes and thought this no way will fit me correctly. I was soooo wrong. They went on super easy. Fit perfect. Theres slits to fit every face type. My face was in hydration heaven for 20 minutes. You do nedd to rest with this on as it will slide off if you stand up. Bit that is perfectly fine by me. When i took it off, my face felt incredible. Nice and plump and super soft. I notice for a few days after how great my skin looks. These are wortg the money.
" Best Facemask! ", 
I am so lucky to be chosen to take part in this review. I heard sooo many fantastic reviews about this product, but of course I remained skeptical. Now that I have tried it I am a super fan at heart! This product is fairly easy to apply. Following the directions will definitely help with applying it. I have really dry skin and my skin does lack luster. Each face sheet comes with plenty of serum to help plum up and smooth your face. It says to wipe any excess off, but instead I rubbed it into my face and onto my neck and massaged my hands with it. I didn't want to waste any of the serum. I left the mask on for 15 minutes. I didn't apply makeup after I used it. I would recommend to use the mask the night before a big event. Love love this product!
" Love this mask! ", 
I think this is one of the best if not best mask I have yet to try. After going online to find the instructions that were not included with the masks I was ready to give them a shot. Upon opening the packet, the mask was a little slimier than I expected but was definitely not a problem. Once I got the mask in place, I let it sit for 10 minutes and loved the feel of it. It was a cooling sensation that I loved. After removing the mask, I continued to rub in the remaining gel into my skin. After about 15 minutes with the mask off, my face felt extremely soft and smooth. I love this mask and will definitely make it a must in my facials.
" Moisture Rich ", 
I think this product is perfect for a relaxing spa type facial experience. It felt very indulgent. And my skin felt very moisturized and soft afterwards.
" Love this face mask ", 
I've used plenty of store brand and high quality name brand face masks as I've gotten older but I must say that this one is by far the best. I love how smooth it goes on and feels refreshing. It does not have an unpleasant scent and made me feel like I was at a high end salon. I almost fell asleep. Once I removed the face mask, my face was brighter, moist and my complexion was clear. It did not irritate my skin or leave any residue. I'm now in love with SK-II facial treatment masks.
" Ahhhhmazing ", 
So far I've used two of the masks, one the night they came in and one a week later--after a pretty bad sunburn. I was fully expecting some serious peeling but I had none. I fully attribute that to these super moisturizing masks. I'm going to use another one tonight after I shower. They're super saturated with the product too so you can spread it to areas of your face not covered by the mask itself.
" Home spa day ", 
SK-11. I loved the individual packs. I travel a bit and this was an easy on the go way to pack a beauty item. I would like to see the directions on the pack. I could tell this was going to be a superior product by the thickness of the mask. I didn't have to worry about unfolding and having it tear. Very thick mask and you could feel the abundant amount of product in each mask. It was easy to place on and it was very cooling and refreshing. I loved having this on in the tub. Felt like my at home spa experience. After about 15 minutes I peeled it off and put the extra on the back of my hands to help moisture them as well. Make sure to wipe off the extra as it dries flaky if not removed. My skin felt very smooth and moistured. I felt like my skin looked healthier. My foundation goes on much smooth after my treatment and I feel like my skin has a glow. I would recommend this to anyone looking to give their skin a moisture treatment or treat yourself to a spa day.
" Soft and Smooth Skin ", 
My face feels cooled and refreshed after using SK-II Facial Treatment Masks. They are perfect after a day at the beach or any time your facial skin needs a refresher. It helped hydrate my skin and kept it looking and feeling great for hours after using it. It is perfect for an instant soothing feeling on my face. It does what it promises and it works quickly too.
" Fits my needs & my face! ", 
I have no complaints with this product! I love the feel of the face mask & how it fits perfectly on my face. Some masks are oversized & awkward. This one is literally perfect!! It was a zap of cold at first, but then as my face warmed it up, it became a nice, soothing feel. No burning or irritation at all on my normally sensitive skin!! There are no weird ingredients that I was concerned about & no heavy perfume fact, no smell at all. Afterward, I did not experience any break out & I noticed a brighter & smoother appearance of my skin after several uses!
" Ahmazing Mask! ", 
My god, my skin looks amazing! I have tried a mask like this before and this one was even better than the last. First off, the mask was made for a smaller face, which was perfect for my petite face, it fit better which meant that I was able to get more of the great benefits from this. So after arranging the mask neatly on my face and wiping off the extra I watched TV for about 15 minutes while the ingredients went to work on my skin. After this time, I took it off and patted and rubbed in the rest of the mask left on my face. It is a lot of ingredients and took awhile to get everything rubbed/patted in. I also followed this all with a really great night moisturizing cream and was set for the next day with great glowing skin. I woke up and my face did look great, toned, glowing and super moisturized. I will be hoarding these bad boys and using one probably once every two weeks to make them last longer. Here is to great skin coming up!
" Masks from Philly to Williamsburg ", 
So I got my family all packed up for a fathers day weekend out of town. We went to a Virgina Theme Park. We walked in the sun,rain,and wind during many afternoon showers . Whenever we got "rained out" went back to hotel and put on the most wonderful mask ever made. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is amazing . Its so refreshing and cool, after a long day of sun and rides this was the perfect pamper for my skin. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask was relaxing and soothing. We looked a few years younger in our Wow what a great product . I shared a few with my best friend she took them back to North Carolina and loves SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. So I tried these masks from Philly to Williamsburg , after a drive like that you could use a great face mask like SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. Not to mention how much fun I had while trying them , I couldnt stop giggling.
" Spa Like Treatment ", 
I've been using facial masks for quite awhile now and this one is the best I've used.The mask itself is soaked with product to saturate every pore in my face. My dry skin seems to drink it all in. I left the mask in the first time I tried the product for 15 minutes. When I removed the mask I did have a lot of residue so I massaged it into my skin. The mask itself was still saturated and I returned it to the pouch and got a second use out of it that was just as effective. My skin looks refreshed, radiant and soft as if I had just gotten a treatment at a spa.
" Great after a flight ", 
This has become my go to for acutely phase recovery after flying. It hydrates and cools immediately and helps relieve some of the lizard-like quality my skin takes on when I fly.
" Life Changer ", 
A relative gave me this mask for my birthday last year since I hate wearing makeup. I tried it out and absolutely loved it! I even bought another when I found it in stores. After every use, my skin was glowing and all blemishes disappeared. It even kept my skin clear for a couple weeks after. I wish I could buy this item in bulk!
This customer did not provide a text review.
" Makes you glow ", 
I am in LOVE with this mask! My skin just glows!! Also, my skin tone appears more even, feels hydrated, and my wrinkles do a disappearing act. Very highly recommended!!
" SKll Treatment Mask ", 
#SKTreatment Mask is great for a spa day or night at home. Just add a glass of wine, and a bubble bath so your all set. Then once you remove it have your partner take you out because your going to feel so refreshed!!I've tried a few and this is just great with my skin feeling soft. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Moisturizing and fun ", 
I LOVE sheet masks. I have tried tons of them and love how they make my skin feel. The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask lived up to my high expectations! So this is a pre-moistened strong cotton/paper sheet that is infused with Pitera serum. You put it on leave it for a while (5-15 minutes) then relax. After all the goodness sinks in take it off throw it away and rub in the remaining serum. I usually blot my face with a damp washcloth afterwards because there is a fair amount of serum still on my face. It leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and looking radiant and rested. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Miracle Mask ", 
I finally used the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, last week. I really wish I received more than one treatment mask, because I loved the results! Even though it was a little messy putting the mask on, it was definitely worth the results. I kept the mask on for 30 minutes while relaxing in my recliner. After rinsing my face, I applied the SKII essence and then the power moisturizing cream. After using the 3 products, my skin really looked radiant! My skin was firmer and my complexion was almost flawless. I couldn't believe that after one use of a facial mask, my skin could look so good. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Facial treatment! ", 
I've always been a fan of facial masks and this one did not disappoint!! Very light scent. I left it on for 20 minutes, took the mask off and massaged the treatment into my face and neck. My skin was brighter but would need more than one mask that was received in this trial to maintain that. Overall I really liked this product and how it made my skin feel afterward. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Mask = Happy face :) ", 
I had a huge photo shoot in NY that was causing me a ton of stress. And, of course, stress brings breakouts and problems for my skin. My bzzkit came right on time and I went to work immediately. I took extra care of my skin and a day before the shoot, used the Facial Treatment Mask to hydrate and firm the skin under my eyes and it worked like a charm! The next day, my skin looked flawless, held makeup beautifully because of the reduction of the size of my pores and, most importantly, I had nothing to stress about! I felt like I was actually shining! I highly recommend, especially for someone with problematic, sensitive skin like me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Absolutely Refreshing ", 
The mask was simply amazing! I felt super moisturized and hydrated. When I put it on, it was as if I was instantly taken to my own private spa from home😄 Before you buy this you should keep in mind that it is a bit pricey, but it's totally we then every cent spent! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" love it just amazing ", 
Makes my face look great immediately after...Glow....Been using for 3 weeks, other than super soft skin, Ths iis a nice product for a spa treatment [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" OMG my skin is so soft! ", 
Okay, i have to start off by saying i could NOT stop touching my face! The mask made my skin immediately softer and smoother. My skin was immediately hydrated and felt amazing... and the next morning, it felt like it was glowing, very plump, and firmer. i was very very impressed with the products of SK-II and will definitely purchase them in the near future. i really felt like i went to a spa and had a spa treatment. i wish i saved it for before a wedding or something, it's a great treat! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Vacation Ready Skin ", 
I love facial masks, so it was hard for me to not use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask as soon as I got it. I was going on a "mini vacation" with my family soon, so i decided to save the mask for then. I am glad I did as I had a radiant glowing face to match the beautiful ambiance of the resort. I looked vacation ready for sure. I used the mask the night before we left, keeping it on for twenty minutes and gently massaging the remainder of the product that was left on my skin after taking off the sheet mask, then went to bed. I woke up the following morning even more excited to get going as my skin looked great. I washed my skin with water only and my skin glowed the entire day, which even lasted into the following days. After working non-stop leading up to my little "break", causing me to look tired and my skin dull, this mask was exactly what I needed to put some life back into my face before a weekend in paradise. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Intense Hydration Indeed ", 
I did some research on SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask online before using it, mainly because there weren't any directions for use on the packaging. Most of the reviews I saw were positive, but a few negative reviews mentioned that the mask was a sloppy mess, not staying put on the face at all. I did not have that experience. I found it adhered to my skin easily, especially after smoothing it out. The mask is a sturdy cotton layer that is soaked in their Pitera fusion. When they say it drenches your skin in moisture, they are not lying. It felt lovely and refreshing, I could have left it on for an hour with no problem. I mean, I wasn't sure how long I should keep the mask on. Instructions I found online said 5-10 minutes, or more for maximum absorption, which is a little vague. I ended up leaving it on for 20 minutes. When I removed the mask I did feel like my skin was hydrated and tighter. My skin also looked glow-y, but honestly I don't know if that was my skin or just the Pitera fusion on my face. After all, you're not supposed to rinse after you remove the mask, just pat your skin dry gently. In any case, I was really impressed with the mask. My skin really did look better and feel moisturized after just 20 minutes with the mask. Also, it truly does feel luxurious. I think the going price for one mask is rather steep, but it seems like the mask has so much liquid that you could use it twice if you wanted. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" The mask was great ", 
I think the facial treatment mask was great, my face was soft and refreshed afterward. I wish there were more samples of it as that product I liked, the Essential Power Cream and Facial Treatment Essence were not good for my skin. Would consider buying the mask if it wasn't so pricey. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" SK-II facial mask works great ", 
The mask made my face feel so very soft. I would definitely purchase this product to have that feeling again. Glad I was able to try it. I told friends, family, & coworkers about this facial mask and they will try it too. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Firm & Radiant ", 
The SKII Facial Mask felt so refreshing, first time I ever enjoying wearing a mask! My skin was noticably firmer and felt amazingly smooth! Loved it, looking forward to my next mask! Thanks SKII! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" little miracle mask ", 
This is AMAZING! The only product and skincare line where I can see instant results and results that last with continuous use. Not sure if I would use these masks often because they are so highly priced .But definitely have a special occasion because my skin looks like my fairy godmother just popped in for a visit. It goes on very easy and my skin is instantly firmer and radiant. I read reviews before using that suggested putting it in the fridge before use to firm up the product for easier application so I did it that way and I didn't have the problems that others complained of. It's a little pricey but all and all worth the money. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Neat Mask! ", 
I am usually not a huge fan of masks because I have really sensitive skin and have had quite a few bad reactions to masks when I have tried them in the past but for the sake of this trial I gave this a go. To my surprise it was actually really nice. It went on my whole face with no problems and I was really able to relax and unwind from my day. I sat in my bed just relaxing with it on for a while and when I went to take it off, I noticed that there was no red marks or irritation at all and that my face just looked rested. It was quite amazing actually how well this worked! I was quite shocked! I really didn't think just a face mask could work like that but it did. This line of products really does work and I am quite thrilled with it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Loving this mask ", 
After receiving the SK-II products the facial mask was the first thing that I tried. I loved using the mask, it left my skin refreshed and brighter. I felt my skin looking and feeling better, I would really recommend this facial mask to anyone who wants healthier looking skin which I'm assuming would be everyone. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Instant skin plumper! ", 
I tried this product before an event and I have to say it worked well! I immediately noticed a plumping effect to my skin. My friends told me I was glowing! I told them about the product and that I got it from bzzagent. They were very interested and I told them it was very easy to use. It is a little pricey, but for a special occasion, it is worth it. I will probably use it again in the future. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
" Awesomeness! ", 
The mask totally hydrated my skin and relaxed it and did this so fast I couldn't believe it. I applied it and waited and I felt the difference before I saw it. Just such velvety skin, I really love it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
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