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Hydrating Face Masks for Summer Party Skin Care

Wondering how to hydrate your skin so it looks fresh and radiant through those sweltering hot summer holiday parties? The key is to start with a simple hydrating face mask, so you'll arrive at the party – and leave - with cool, hydrated skin.

Before The Heat

Our first tip on how to beat the heat and keep your skin hydrated is to take a hint from Hollywood celebrities’ red carpet routines. Apply a deeply hydrating facial mask to your skin for 10 minutes while relaxing in a cool, dark room. SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask is a versatile face mask for dry skin, combination, normal, or oily skin, so any skin type can use it. It’s the perfect cooling skin prep for any makeup look.

For even more stunning results, take a cue from the trend that’s been sweeping the beauty industry lately – daily face masks. Already popular in Asia, especially in the sought-after Korean beauty regimens that beauty editors and bloggers alike are talking about, this is a trend to follow. Leading up to your big event, wear your SK-II face mask each night for 10 minutes before bed. If your skin looks radiant and luminous after one mask – imagine how it will look after repeating this luxurious routine for a few days in a row! You'll have everyone at the party asking how you keep your skin so hydrated?

  • SK-II Facial Treatment Mask


Outdoor parties or BBQs require lots of sunscreen, and the sun and breeze can leave skin feeling hot and dry. One of our summer skin care tips is that after the party is over, treat yourself to a post-party brightening facial treatment like SK-II’s Brightening Derm Revival Mask. This hydrating facial mask is infused with both Pitera™ and skin-brightening ingredients that really sink into your skin. It’s also made of a stretchable material that perfectly fits the contours of your face, like a loving hug for your skin.

Take a summer skin care tip from the pros - for an extra burst of post-party hydrating skin care refreshment, keep your SK-II Brightening Derm Revival Mask in the refrigerator for a chilled hydrating face mask treat. The cooling sheet mask will transfer ‘the chill’ to your sun-kissed skin, and you’ll go to bed knowing you’ll wake refreshed and ready to go!

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