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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Without Makeup

Our eyes are one of the most prominent features on our face, and many people consider them to have the largest effect on our overall appearance. It's not surprising that women often go to great lengths - from heavy eye makeup to cosmetic surgery - in their quest for beautiful eyes.

Now, the latest beauty trend to make eyes look bigger is using skincare, serums, and eye cream rather than eye makeup. Follow this advice from SK-II's beauty experts to ensure that your eyes always look as bright and beautiful as possible.

Get enough sleep: They don't call it 'beauty sleep' for nothing. We've all seen the effects of not sleeping enough - dark eye bags, puffiness, and a tired appearance. One of the easiest ways to get bright bigger looking eyes and alert is to snooze for as long as you're supposed to (for most of us, that's eight hours), so you'll wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

Reduce puffiness: Soak cotton pads in Facial Treatment Essence and leave them in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, put the pads on your puffy eyes immediately after you wake up. Skin around the eye area is immediately moisturized.

  • SK-II RNA Power Eye Cream Moisturizer

Use eye cream: Signs of aging generally first become visible around the eyes, because the skin around and under the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, making this area extra sensitive. Use skincare specifically meant for the eye area, such as the new R.N.A.Power Eye Cream to reduce the signs of aging. Applying R.N.A. Power Eye Cream before using eye makeup will help moisturize the area, giving you more attractive-looking eyes. The eye cream also delivers firmness to the skin around the eye area, which can make your eyes appear bigger.

  • SKI-II's Eye Massage Techniques

    1. Slide your ring finger below your eye from the outer corner
    to the inner corner, move it upwards to your brow bone, then
    slide it across the top of your eye to the side.

  • Eye Massage Techniques to Reduce Puffiness

    2. Massage the outer eye corners with a circular
    movement, circling inwards before gently stretching the
    skin down the sides of your face. Do this five times.

  • SK-II Eye Pressure Points Chart

    3. Press on each of the five pressure points - three below
    your eye, one in the center above your eye, and one in the
    above outer corner - for three seconds. Do this two times
    on each pressure point.

  • SK-II's Eye Massage Routine

    4. Microwave a wet towel for one minute to warm it, then
    apply it over the eye area for 10 minutes. Move your eye
    balls with a circular motion during this 10 minute period.

Massage your eye area: The SK-II eye massage technique enhances micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage in the eye area to reduce puffiness and make the eyes appear bigger.

Visit an SK-II counter to have a beauty consultant show you how to master the eye massage technique with R.N.A.Power Eye Cream.

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