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How to Get Spotless, Beautiful Skin

SK-II reveals the secret to reduce dark spots

If you’re afraid that dark spots are holding you back from having beautiful skin, it’s time to find out the truth behind what’s causing those pesky skin spots to appear, and how brightening skincare can help get rid of them for good.


After years of research, SK-II discovered that there are two reasons why spots form on the skin - one reason is due to increased UV exposure, especially without proper protection, while the other can cause spots even if you’ve been diligent with using SPF or haven’t been out in the sun.

In the first cause of spots when the skin is exposed to UV, harmful proteins in the skin are produced in excess, stimulating more melanin production. The increased melanin creates a ‘cloud’ beneath the skin, dulling the complexion and leading to the formation of spots.

The other cause of spots is the bacteria that exists in the skin. The skin naturally contains a mix of bacteria, both good and bad. If the balance is disrupted – which can happen when bacteria feeds on excess sebum and sweat, causing breakouts and irritations – various skin issues can arise, including an increased risk of spot formation.


Now that you know what’s causing your spots, how do you stop them from appearing on your skin? SK-II’s GenOptics brightening skincare line helps you clear dark spots and achieve spotless skin in just three steps.

  • SK-II GenOptics Spot & Aura Essence

Step 1: Reduce existing spots

Stop spots in their tracks with GenOptics Spot Essence, SK-II’s latest spot-targeting serum. Powered by the new Spot Resist Complex containing Lumina Kelp Extract, the serum reduces the appearance of current visible spots and even works on hidden spots beneath the surface.

Step 2: Prevent future spots

After applying GenOptics Spot Essence, combat darkness for beautiful skin with SK-II’s new GenOptics Aura Essence. This new fast-penetrating brightening serum was formulated with SK-II's unique infusion of Pitera and Prunus extract, which is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals that act on the hidden clouds that can cause spots to form, restoring translucence and radiance to help your skin stay spot-free.

Step 3: Keep skin crystal clear

To maintain radiant, crystal clear skin, use Facial Treatment Essence in your daily skincare routine, morning and night, before other essences and serums. The iconic essence boasts multiple benefits to give your skin a beautiful glow, including boosting radiance and reducing the appearance of spots.