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How to Get Smooth Skin: No Microdermabrasion Necessary!

Your skin’s texture can be affected by a variety of factors. From sun exposure to picking at zits (when you know you shouldn’t) to stressful or sleepless nights, your face can start to look dull, uneven and damaged. Get your glowing face back and start your journey toward smooth skin with a simple five-step process.

Step one: Clean and exfoliate.

It’s all about that base. Start with a clean face before you apply anything to your skin. Asian beauty rituals suggest double cleansing, which starts with a facial cleansing oil to remove makeup and dirty residue on the face and follows with a traditional foam or cream cleanser to remove any remaining impurities.

Step two: Tone.

For a squeaky-clean face, after cleansing, apply your favorite toner. This step not only helps further clean your face, but also helps shrink your pores to reveal smoother, more radiant skin. Apply your favorite toner onto a cotton pad and lightly wipe it over your face—focusing on the T-zone, cheeks and jawline.

  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and SK-II R.N.A. POWER Essence

Step three: Add an essence.

One of the best kept secrets of beauty pros is to add an essence into your skin routine. With its light, water-like consistency, an essence delivers a high dose of anti-aging active ingredients to pack your skin with hydration, vitamins and amino acids. Used before you apply a serum or face moisturizer, an essence is more easily absorbed by the skin than its thicker counterparts. Award-winning SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is a best-seller in Asia because of its nearly magical ability to smooth out skin and repair fine lines and wrinkles. It helps improve skin in a number of ways: pores are refined, skin’s elasticity is maintained, resilience to wrinkles is increased, uneven skin tone is improved, and skin appears softer and more luminous.

Step four: Follow up with a serum.

Follow your essence with a skin-smoothing serum to help seal in moisture. Serums can soften the skin and improve the overall texture of your face. SK-II’s R.N.A. POWER Essence serum works to improve skin texture, plump skin with extra nourishment, and combat signs of aging in the future. Plus, this serum minimizes the appearance of pores, giving you a fresh, healthy glow.

Step five: Moisturize and apply a sunscreen.

After applying your serum, spread a hydrating moisturizer or cream across your face. Also, to protect skin against UV exposure, apply a daily sunscreen with an SPF 30+.

Follow these five easy steps and save yourself a trip to the facialist for a microdermabrasion treatment! Reveal to yourself (and all your friends) your new skin that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom—all perfected at home and pain-free.

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