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Change your skin’s destiny now and for the next 10, 20, 30 years


With the introduction of Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II created a new category called the “beauty essence” category. Beauty Essences are a special category of skin care products that are rich in active ingredients and light in consistency. An essence the the most concentrated version of the product. This combination allows essences to have a higher efficacy while allowing for much faster absorption as compared to traditional creams and moisturizers.

SK-II in order to keep the product in its most pure and natural form introduced Facial Treatment Essence as a clear liquid solution which is how Pitera (Facial Treatment Essence’s active ingredient) naturally occurs. Since the introduction of Facial Treatment Essence, the essence category has grown year on year and today beauty essences have become an irreplaceable part of the skin care regimen of Asian women.


Facial Treatment Essence, launched 35 years ago, is SK-II’s signature and most awarded skin care product with over 202 international awards to its name. It is the only essence in the market which is composed entirely of its active ingredient Pitera - Facial Treatment Essence contains over 90% Pitera. Facial Treatment Essence is so effective that it can increase the efficacy of one’s current skin care regimen no matter what product she is using. The fact that its formula has remained virtually unchanged for the past 35 years is testimony to the product’s performance. No wonder if it famously dubbed as “Miracle Water” by its consumers. Try it to truly understand the difference experienced by millions of women around the world.

How It Works

The only beauty essence with over 90% Pitera.

Pitera, a naturally derived bio-ingredient containing over 50 micronutrients, is an original ingredient from SK-II, made only in Japan.

Within 1 week of use, 82% of users declared that they want to repeat.
• 85% agreed Facial Treatment Essence makes skin feel smooth
• 94% agreed Facial Treatment Essence helps to improve skin texture
• 91% agreed Facial Treatment Essence absorbs quickly