SK-II proudly encourages women to challenge the belief that destiny is set at birth. Through our #INeverExpire campaign, we are shedding light on the fact that age-related pressure impacts women everywhere, with different nuances around the world. SK-II has launched an empowering platform to challenge society's artificial timelines and encourage women to live their lives without limitations.

The Expiry Date

Our global #INeverExpire campaign premiered last year in Asia with The Expiry Date, a moving film that powerfully showcases the proverbial expiration date - age 30 - that many women feel. This film received more than 100 million global views across all platforms and sparked a Pan-Asian discussion around age-related pressures.
Chloe Bennet
Chloe Bennet talks
Reflecting on themes explored in The Expiry Date, actress Chloe Bennet shares the pressure she feels to achieve certain things by a certain age and inspires women to live their lives on their own terms.
Four Accomplished Women Discuss Age Pressure
Four Accomplished Women Discuss Age Pressure
Elaine Welteroth, Aimee Song, Sophia Amoruso and Lauren Abedini come together to discuss age-related pressures. From marriage to babies to careers, these women share how they choose to live life on their own terms, regardless of society’s unwritten timelines.
Chloe Bennet
Seven Women Share Their Stories on Age-Related Pressure Inspired by SK-II’s #INeverExpire Campaign
As part of our ongoing #INeverExpire campaign, watch stories from seven women from different walks of life about age-related pressure, liberating themselves from society’s timelines and the advice they have for others.