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Get a bigger bundle for your buck with these regimen starter sets, each with a value up to 30 percent more than their price. And, these travel-size products are perfect for hydration on the go!

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  • 2017 Total Beauty Award Winner

    SK-II PITERA™ Essence

    SK-II PITERA™ Essence

    Our iconic essence with over 90% PITERA™
    $99 - $290
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

    SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

    Our cult-favorite sheet mask for hydrated, radiant skin
    $95 - $135
  • SK-II PITERA™ Welcome Kit

    SK-II PITERA™ Welcome Kit

    Our introductory skin care kit containing three PITERA™ favorites for any regimen
  • SK-II PITERA™ Essence Set

    SK-II PITERA™ Essence Set

    Our signature skin care set containing three PITERA™ essentials
  • SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask

    SK-II Overnight Miracle Mask

    An overnight gel face mask for energized-looking skin the next morning
  • SK-II PITERA™ Bestsellers Kit

    SK-II PITERA™ Bestsellers Kit

    Our collection of three PITERA™ bestsellers for crystal clear skin
  • SK-II Hydration Set

    SK-II Hydration Set

    An exclusive set designed to hydrate and smooth skin
  • SK-II GenOptics Set

    SK-II GenOptics Set

    An illuminating skin care set to boost skin’s brightness and glow
  • SK-II Mask Set

    SK-II Mask Set

    An exclusive set featuring two award-winning masks and our iconic essence
  • SK-II Miracle Set

    SK-II Miracle Set

    An exclusive set featuring our “miracle” duo for crystal clear skin
  • SK-II Radiance Set

    SK-II Radiance Set

    Reveal your skin's brightest glow with this four-piece skin care set for her


    The perfect travel set for brighter, younger-looking skin and eyes
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