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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

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  • Facial Treatment EssenceOur iconic essence with over 90% PITERA™.Item# 00730870159378

    SK-II’s signature product and highly awarded best-seller. Essentially unchanged for more than 35 years, this essence transforms all five dimensions of your skin to crystal clear – spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated.

  • Saturate a cotton pad with essence or pour into hand.
    Gently pat on face and neck until absorbed.

    Our Miracle Ingredient
    Derived from a 6-step natural fermentation process, PITERA™ contains more than 50 micro-nutrients to keep skin hydrated, smooth and protected.

    Full Ingredients
    Galactomyces ferment filtrate*, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, aqua (water), sodium benzoate, methylparaben, sorbic acid *PITERA™


Facial Treatment EssenceOur iconic essence with over 90% PITERA™.Item# 00730870159378

SK-II’s signature product and highly awarded best-seller. Essentially unchanged for more than 35 years, this essence transforms all five dimensions of your skin to crystal clear – spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated.

How to Use

Saturate a cotton pad with essence or pour into hand.
Gently pat on face and neck until absorbed.



Our Miracle Ingredient
Derived from a 6-step natural fermentation process, PITERA™ contains more than 50 micro-nutrients to keep skin hydrated, smooth and protected.

Full Ingredients
Galactomyces ferment filtrate*, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, aqua (water), sodium benzoate, methylparaben, sorbic acid *PITERA™


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" I found my true love ", 
Nowadays with the great variety of beauty and skin care products that exist in the market, it’s difficult to distinguish which are only promises and which ones are really effective. When we are lucky enough to find a product of excellent quality and decided to invest in it, the only thing remaining is to be constant and wait for the results. I completed a month of use before writing a review and I can conclude the following thus far: My pores have decreased in size, the tone of my skin looks more even helping to minimize redness and some small dark spots on my cheeks, my T zone is a little less oily and finally my face looks more hydrated than ever. Obviously all faces are different and the only way to know if this Essence works on you is by using it and being constant (please let’s be realistic and do not spect a miracle within a week), but it’s very likely that you will fall in love with the results!!
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" A purchase you will not regret ", 
This Facial Treatment Essence is my new go-to product. I tend to switch up my routine a lot, but this is the one thing that has stayed stable (almost obsessively), with no regrets. I'm pretty fair with dark spots, a few very fine lines and occasionally some dullness. After a few weeks of use, my skin was glowing, dark spots lightened, and I just looked healthier overall. I'm now on my second bottle with no end in sight. I highly recommend adding this product to your routine- you will not regret it.
" A permanent staple in my skin care routine ", 
I am so amazed at how much my skin has changed since I began using the Facial Treatment Essence. I am a skin care junkie and have tried it all. Nothing has made such a difference in my skin like SK-II has. My skin is brighter, clearer, smoother, softer and glowing. My chin has had congested pores for so long and nothing I did would get them unclogged. Even extractions didn't help. Some how this miracle product was the only thing that did. I didn't want to believe that just this one product could make such a huge difference but it has. I have now replaced all my skin care with SK-II
" Refreshing ", 
I tried SK-II without much hope for results. I was unconvinced that it would do as it claimed. I used the product morning and night for the better part of 4 weeks. The results were not immediate, however I do see improvements in my skin! I am now a convinced, and pleasantly surprised user. SK-II goes on like a toner- and just a little goes a long way. There's not much of a scent and it doesn't tighten my skin like some products do. Since beginning to use SK-II, my skin looks clearer, more even, and faint lines are all but gone. It's like liquid gold! Love this product!
" Looking for a soft smooth face? ", 
If you are looking for a baby soft smooth face this is the product. I waited weeks to review SK-II because I wanted to see if it would really make a difference. I have pretty good skin but deal with dryness and flaking sometimes. It takes a pretty good product to make a different in my skin since it is already good. I really didn't know what to expect from this product but thought I would give it a try. It has a nice glass bottle with a twist on lid. It doesn't really have a scent and is a liquid consistency. You put a teaspoon sized amount in your hand and pat on your face and neck. It dries pretty quick and doesn't feel like much. But after weeks of using it my fave is incredibly softer than before. My makeup seems to look smoother as well. Im not sure yet what it is doing to my skin to get the improvements but it doing something. I waiting to see if it gets rid of these wrinkles. That may take a while. Lol. I hope you enjoy SK-II and give it a try.
" Loving my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ", 
I have been using my SK-II Facial treatment almost nightly for well over a month now and am loving it! I have noticed my skin is well hydrated and my skin tends to be dry. I have also noticed the small wrinkles at the corners of my eyes are much less noticeable. Friends have asked what I changed cause they are noticing something and I believe it's that my skin is brighter and smoother. So far loving this product!
" Amazing product ", 
This is an amazing product. I could see a difference in the very first application. My skin looked so hydrated, smooth, healthier, and bright. This Sk-II product is very easy to apply, and I only use a small amount of this product because that all it takes. I love how bright, hydrated and health my skin has started looking since the very first application. I will be purchasing this Sk-II Facial Treatment Essence after I'm finished with this bottle. This Sk-II product has also helped reduce fine lines and wrinkles on my face, my skin is so much more radiant, my skin is more firm and has a much more youthful look/glow. I highly recommend this amazing skincare product from Sk-II.
" Make every drop count ", 
I am 28 years old with normal/combination skin. I have been suffering from hormonal cystic acne ever since I went back and forth between birth control methods. I incorporated SKII Facial Treatment Essence into my morning and evening skincare routine, it was the only thing I changed since the cysts started to appear. I place a few drops into my hand and pat it on my face after cleansing and toning. I will have a pimple here or there during that time of the month, but my cystic acne ceases to exist! My complexion has evened out, and I couldn't be happier! I cannot wait to try their other products!
" Highly impressed ", 
I must say I struggle with my skin, I'm constantly buying products to make my face look firm, smooth, clear and bright looking. SK-ll has truly been a blessing for me! My face has never looked so great!! This product is a clear liquid that's rich with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that has left my face looking so young and clear again!! I found it super easy to use but I will say it does have an unique scent that fades very fast! The bottle is great size for the price! I highly recommend to all family and friends!!
" love it! noticed big changes! ", 
i love this stuff. i actually put it in a spray bottle and mist my face with it after i get out of the shower. my skin is brighter and smoother, with fewer breakouts.
" Youthful look ", 
I absolutely love this product! It's so easy to use. I use it at night as part of my nightly routine. People have asked me what I'm using on my face. My skin is noticeably clearer, smoother, and my sun spots are quite lighter. My face looks healthier and younger. I will. E buying this in the future.
" You should try it! ", 
I have been using it for a month now. SMELL: it smells a bit funky. It does not bother me much. I'm glad they did not pour half a bottle of perfume in it to cover the smell. Plus it disappears when its dry. I love how my skin FEELS after applying this product. It feels hydrated in the beginning. Then a bit sticky. But after it dries the skin is soft, moisturized, but not greasy. I like it. Does it WORK? I do not know... It is still hard to tell after a month of using this product. PRICE seems to be high in the beginning, but after you start using the product you realize that it will last for ever. Worth it. I also love the PACKAGING. The dispenser help you not to use too much of the product and prevents spills. The only thing i am concerned about is the fact that the bottle is clear. Usually sunlight is very harmful when it comes to skin care products...
" SK-II makes me look younger ", 
I love this product!! I've been using SK-II for 3 weeks now and have seen improvement in my skin's tone, firmness and overall appearance. I love the light feeling and non-greay formula. It takes only minutes to apply and feels great on my face.
" This product softens scars ", 
I've been using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for about a month now. My first experience was a little meh because it left my skin itchy and red but after I started to use it again, 3 days after the initial application, I'm in love! It leaves my skin plump and smooth and is a great base for makeup. It has also helped lessen the appearance of a large deep scar I have under my lip. My estimation is that a 160ml bottle will last about 5 maybe 6 months. Here is a photo of my scar area. Although I am blotchy because I just got out of the bath it is difficult to see which side my scar is on.
At first I dont like the word "miracle" cause it sounds wierd. However, after couple time using the sample, I decide to buy a big bottle immediately. It changes my skin, my pores is getting smaller. My skin always feel fresh, radian and smooth. I am using clear lotion, then miracle water, then serum and the last is the cream to block these nutrients into my skin.
" Perfect for Dark Spot ", 
I am writing this review really late because I first wanted to test this product for atleast 15 days. Last summers, I got some black spots on my cheeks. Doctor said that black spots may be because of age or may be because of direct exposure to sun rays. I used variety of herbal, natural and organic product. But, nothing worked much. I am applying SK11 since last 15 days regularly and without fail. I can see a marked difference in spot. The spots are fading day by day. It's not that this water just clear the dark spot but it actually even out the skin tone. Trust me, You will see the effect but you have to keep applying. It didn't helped in getting glow or as skin whitening agent. But, still I can call it a miracle water. I wrote what I did. I surely recommend this to friends who wants even skin stone.
" New best friend ", 
This product has changed my skin drastically. I have noticed that my uneven texture has disappeared. The sun spots that were visible on my chin and forehead have started to fade. My skin was oily in the T-zone, this is not the case anymore. My skin has evened out. The foundation that I use now applies evenly and does not wear off in my T-zone as it previously has done. My skin has a more youthful appearance. Fine lines have disappeared, bags under my eyes have shrank, and the dark circles under my eyes are not as noticeable as before. This will definitely be a repurchase for many years to come.
" SK II facial Essence ", 
I'm a few weeks I have seen a change in texture and appearance. I'm hooked ! It's pricey, but you only need a little , so it's cost effective.
" Impressed! ", 
At first, I didn't see much of a difference with SK-II Essence and was not impressed. However, after using the product for a full 2 weeks, I am really happy with the results! My skin is softer and smoother. I also see less red blotchy marks. Today at the gym, someone actually commented on my skin... yay!!!
" Almost perfect ", 
To start off the packaging is beautiful. The frosted glass bottle looks so classy. My concern, since the bottle is clear, is that you have to keep the bottle off the counter so it does not oxidize as quickly. The second thing I looked as were the ingredients. The magic fountain of youth ingredient is the Pitera. This is supposed to be the secret to maintaining radiance and youth. The ingredient I did not like was the presence of Methylparaben. I try to keep parabens out of all my beauty products. Luckily my skin did not react to this and my results were so great that I may be able to overlook it. I prefer to just add a few drops to my hands in the morning & night instead of the cotton pad they suggest. I have been using this for 3 weeks. My dark spots and wrinkles seem to be reduced and the biggest change I have noticed is that my skin is just glowing. My sister even asked if I was wearing highlighter. This is exactly what I need after just having my 3rd baby.The price is pretty steep but its quite a large bottle and should last quite awhile when you only use 4 drops a day. I will definitely be keeping this in my beauty routine.
" Great product ", 
I had been using alcohol wipes and it had been drying out my skin. This product has helped restore and leave a smooth fine finish. My skin looks great now. Thank you!
" It's my can't live without product now ", 
Hello beautiful ladies..let me just start by saying that I am so much in love with the skin is visibly clear,glowing,reduces my spots from teenage pimples and supple moisturized all day long.I use it in two ways the way mentioned.after washing my face,use it as an essence before moisturizer 2.i damp the cotton pads with my essence,peel them in layers and place them all over my a mask..I must say it works wonders I am using the product for couple of weeks and can really see some benefits that are making me hooked to gotta try it for sure
" I'm very impressed. ", 
I have only been using this for about 2 weeks and so far I am really impressed. I do feel like my skin is brighter and I love the way the "water" absorbs right into my skin. I will write another review after I have used more, but so far I like it a lot. And it really lasts. I only use 2 shakes of the bottle into my palm and dab onto face and neck so it seems like the product will last a while, which is great !
" I feel so fresh!! ", 
I have been so impressed by how refreshing this SK-II feels when I apply it. I don't know if it's just because it is hot outside right now and the cool feel of this product, or that it always feels this refreshing. I also enjoy the thought that I am doing something good for my face, even though I can't see any results yet.
" Secret Sauce! ", 
I don't know what magic SK-II bottles, but I love it! I have been using it for about a month now in replacement of my regular toner. My face is smoother and brighter. It has eliminated the need for a few of the other "steps" in my beauty regime - pore minimizer and separate serum. There have even been days I just put on my sunscreen and call it quits - unheard of! There we're very few instructions on when and how this product is to be used. In response, I have started using it all the time. After every wash, if I splash water on my face to cool off, etc. It does not have the alcohol bracing effect of a traditional toner. I have recommended this product to all of my girlfriends already, but should probably extend the recommendation to anyone with skin. A must-have-lifetime-keeper!!!!
" Loving this so far ", 
This feels very light in my skin. I put it on my hands and tap it in my face, kind of like aftershave. I then apply my regular moisturizer and so far I'm liking the results. This is a huge bottle and will last me a long time as you only need a little bit.
" SK-II Facial Treatment Essence works! ", 
I am a forty-six year old female with combination skin. My skin tone is in between fair and medium. I try to stay out of the sun or use sunblock when I am outdoors. I did not want to review this product until I have used it a sufficient amount of time. For me, this was a little over three weeks of continuous use twice a day, morning and night after cleansing. At first, it takes some getting used to because it is a liquid and not a lotion that smooth on your face. You have to be careful when you gently pat it onto your skin. After 1 week of use, there was minor irritation in response to using a new product. There were some red spots and a little dryness which may be attributed to the exfoliation from the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence doing what it is supposed to. Because of the redness, I felt a little sting when I applied my usual moisturizer which contains vitamin C which really helped soothe the irritated skin. After week 2, I started to notice a difference in my skin texture. It felt smoother and somehow more refined. My pores were not as noticeable. My skin tone started evening out. I used to have lighter spots in certain areas and my skin tone was on the blotchy side. Even at my age, I still sometimes experience acne breakouts and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really was very effective in resolving my skin issues. By the end of week 3, my skin really found it's groove and it was smooth sailing even though I was on vacation for two weeks and I packed the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and used it twice daily. It really paid off for my skin because I was on holiday in a really sunny locale near the beach with wind, sand, and sun. That was a really good test for my skin using the At first, there was minor irritation in response to using new product. There were some red spots and a little dryness which may be attributed to the exfoliation from the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence because I used sunblock everyday and my pores were not clogged. I also did not breakout a lot even though I did not watch what I ate because I was on vacation so I ate a lot of great tasting food that is not necessarily good for my body and skin. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was working like a champ and my skin never looked better. I am now at the end of week 4 and my skin looks and feels great. The only thing I would improve on is the bottle, perhaps change the dispensing method so that it is easier to apply. Sometimes, if you are not careful, there is spillage and some loss of product which is kind of wasteful. The picture was taken at a family wedding which we attended in Virginia Beach. The weather back east was hot and humid and in the 90's everyday. I am the one to the far left. My skin was so clear and smooth, I did not need to use any concealer or foundation at all. Just some loose powder. I would recommend this product and would definitely purchase some more when I run out.
" Oomph for tired skin ", 
I am a 42 year old Caucasian woman who grew up in southern California with lots of sun exposure and not much sunblock. As I age my skin has gone from oily to combo to dry patches. I also have hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. I started using korean products for the past year so I was excited to incorporate the essence into my routine. The essence is very lightly scented and little goes a long way. Gived my skin a fresh feeling without the drying after effect. I have been using it for 2 + weeks and my skin has had noticeable improvement. The dry patches are gone, pore size has improved, the wrinkles are smoothed out, redness has decreased, and my skin is plumb. The hyperpigmentation is less noticeable. My makeup goes on much smoother and doesn't get caught in my pores and wrinkles. I can get away with just a light BB cream, see my mug shot below! I am loving this product and how much it's improved my skin.
" Skin changer! ", 
I was extremely skeptical when I started using this product. 1st, it's quite pricey. 2nd, it applies like water. I just couldn't believe it would actually do anything. Within 3 days I noticed a huge difference in my skin! It's been about 3 weeks now and I'm hooked. My skin tone is more balanced and I have a bit less redness. My acne has gone down. The hyperpigmentation left behind from previous acne is fading. It doesn't irritate the skin at all. It works fine with other products as I've used cleanser, serums, and moisturizers from several other companies & no interaction. I wanted to dislike this, but it keeps impressing me. I've been going without foundation more often now too. This is definitely a holy grail product for me.
" Very unique ", 
I hate the fact that this product is so expensive--mainly because it's so unique and actually works. I've tried some knock-offs, but they all lack the "oomph" of SK-II. Thankfully, you only need a small amount. When I pat this into my skin, it has an immediate effect. My circulation perks up bringing life to my skin which looks fresher. I haven't had enough time to report on long term effects, but the brightening, hydration and glow are pretty apparent. The fact that it's so watery might put off others, but it makes it so easy to layer with other skincare or makeup. The only cons: 1. the top makes it hard to get product out of the bottle--but that's actually a pro because it means you won't waste any of this precious liquid and 2. the bottle is glass. It's classy and minimalist but I always feel a little wary about glass in a bathroom. Other than that, I love this product. I wish I didn't because it's going to inflict pain upon my wallet, but I do.
" Hydration for Beautiful Skin ", 
We recently went on vacation and it took a toll on my skin my face was so dry and dull my skin just looked tired . But Sk-II works miracles just after one use I could see the difference in my skin I was impressed . Then after 1 week of using it my skin looked even more incredible my skin was soft , the appearance of my pores diminished , and my skin looked and felt rejunivated. It wasn't just me who could see the difference my Husband too commented on how radiant my skin looked . I didn't find the needs to use make up to cover my imperfections I could go make up free thanks to SK-II.
" A new step in the skin care routine ", 
At first, the SK-II Facial Essence was a little intriguing for me. I already have several steps in my skin care routine, but I still didn’t have an essence on it. After reading more about the product, I decided to place this essence as the third step in my basic routine, between toner and serum. I like the fact that this doesn’t require me to change my skin care routine - just add an extra step. I’ve been using for 3 weeks now and I am impressed at how refreshing my skin feels. Usually, the toner ends up drying up my skin a bit, and the essence goes to the rescue right after it. This essence keeps my face glowing and moisturized, prepping the skin to receive serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen afterwards. After a couple of weeks, I could notice that my skin was felling better, with no breakouts or blemishes. I’ve been applying it with a cotton pad, with 2 to 3 drops each time. The full bottle is expensive, but I think they did a good job on controlling the amount of the product that is released each time you use it. If you use about 2 drops every time, this product should probably last for several months. I’m still not truly convinced that I need this product in my routine, but I will first go through the full bottle before deciding if I will purchase more or not. So far, all I can say is that my skin is great.
" Love it, product works great! ", 
Absolutely love this product! My skin is super smooth! I have had family members try it and they love it as well.
" OMG its heaven in a bottle ", 
I think this stuff is pure magic. I have always loved SKII, but the price has made trying more than samples prohibitive. I am one who has a lot of steps to my skin care so this fit right in. I use it after my toner and before my serum. I usually get some redness with a new product but not so with this treatment essence. It absorbs right away and leaves my skin ready for the next step. I notice that my skin looks refreshed and bright when I wake up and that my makeup goes on nice and smooth.
" Great product! ", 
I am using this product for The last 2 weeks, in The first 3 days my skin seems to be clear and also brighter that was before, after 2 weeks i can definitly noticy a better look and my skin also seems more rest that was before, i have a 2 years old so i am always tired, SK- II facial treatment essence Really make my skin looks more rest and also with more light!
" Love this! ", 
The Ski-II facial treatment essence has really helped my face. I have been using it for a week and my face is no longer dry. I have been having issues with my face being dry because I have combination skin. When I try heavier products, my face tends to get more oily and break out, but not with this! I would definitely purchase this!
" Very Hydrating ", 
This product is amazing! I had a baby in March and notice that my skin has been super dry since. I also live in Colorado, so the dry climate doesn't help. I recently purchased multiple moisturizers to try to fix the problem. Using this product along with a great moisturizer has done the trick. This facial essence immediately quenches thirty skin. The product doesn't have an overwhelming scent, which is very important to me.
" Great product, but pricey ", 
I've only been using this for about a week now but my face is loving it. For reference I have combo-oily skin that is seriously oily in the t-zone and the u-zone is normal, not dry. I apply this after cleansing with whichever cleanser floats my boat at the moment. I pour a very very small amount into my palm, dip two fingers of my other hand into the essence and smooth over my face. Then I rub my palms together and press the essence into my face. My skin never feels sticky from the essence which is amazing since every other product of this type always feel sticky. After it dries, which is very quickly, I then proceed with the rest of my skincare... serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc. My face feels extremely balanced - t-zone less oily for sure - never dry - never tight - no breakouts - just very happy. Already I can see my face just looking better overall. The price is not cheap however even the small bottle will last for many many many months. I will start trying other SK-II products such as the clear lotion and the mask-in lotion since I am so pleased with this one. I highly recommend SK-II Facial Treatment Essence if you can afford it.
" It works, it's that simple ", 
I will be be purchasing this product. In my opinion it is worth every penny. The smell is a little strange, almost like vegetables that have gone off, but it's not nauseating at all. The benefits I've noticed- my dark marks are disappearing, my dine lines are less noticeable and my skin is smoother overall. I've also had way less breakouts. I love this stuff!
" Love this! ", 
So easy to use. Just wash your face and pat this on. When I wake in the morning, it's nice to have a soft face instead of greasy. I have only had this for about 5 days but I plan on using it from now on.
" Excellent! ", 
I have extremely sensitive skin. I cannot use products with fragrance or excessive oils. I began this product on my neck and forehead, just to test it in case of a breakout. I was extremely surprised and happy that after a few nights of use, not only did I not have a breakout, but my skin looked and felt great. I have now used the product on my entire face and again I can see and feel the difference. This product does exactly what it says it will do: it improves the health and appearance of the skin on and around your face without causing unsightly blemishes. THANK YOU. I am now a fan.
" Amazing product ", 
I love this. My skin feels so clean and smooth and usually my skin feels so dry and scaley but this really cleared it up. So easy to use, after washing I put a little on a cotton pad and sweeped it across my entire face then moisturized.
" The Fountain of Youth! SK-II ! ", 
This product has been talked about for all that it does to bring back youthful skin but until you try it for yourself you can't begin to believe. After trying it for just one week and examining my skin under a magnifying mirror I can't believe the changes. Glowing, radiant, younger, smoother are just a few of the words that come to mind. It is the secret to the fountain of youth. It is expensive but worth every cent. I would rather spend my money on this that risky cosmetic surgeries. Try it for yourself. Just one bottle and you will be amazed.
" It has arrived!! ", 
This is what I've been missing from my skin care routine! I have very sensitive/dry skin, so I get very nervous about trying new products. This is so light feeling without burning or really drying out my skin. I've had no breakouts at all which was another concern of mine with trying something new. I've already recommended to 3 friends. Can't wait to see the long term results!!
" Best purchase ", 
This product is really good to use. I want to recommend this to all.
" Great product! ", 
i have only been using the product for a short period of time but am loving it so far. I have normal to dry skin and since using essence my skin has felt fully hydrated and even has a glow to it. The downside to this product is the cost, however it has amazing preventive benefits and in my opinion you should invest in your skin at a younger age. I have recommended this to several family and friends who are now ordering and loving the product as well.
" I will never do without it again! ", 
After running out, a few month elapsed . . . and so returned the wrinkles. Never again! Now discovering more products with the Travel Essence Kit! Loving my skin again . . .
" Can't live without!! ", 
I recently purchased this and I put it off for so long because of the price but I gotta say it's worth every penny! 3 days into using this essence and my skin had improved already. I have a lot of texture and my skin is so dull and lifeless. My texture is already going away and my skin glows I'm in love! Because I live in an area where the weather changes everyday literally my skin was so flaky I hated it and the second day I used this I have more more flaky skin! I always wear makeup because I don't like my skin but recently since I've been using This essence I'm starting to love how my skin looks and im getting more comfortable not wearing makeup!! My husband loves it as well!! Thank u SK-ii for creating this amazing product!!
" Clarity and healthy glow in a bottle ~ ", 
If your skin can tolerate FTE ingredients, then you'll love results. I noticed results by the 3rd day of usage - my skin looked and felt smoother, healthier and had a glow. The more I use FTE, the more I love it! I do not even want to wear makeup during the day because I love the look of luminous, bare skin. Initially, I didn't like the smell. It smells like dried saliva but by the end of the 2nd day, I didn't notice it anymore. I noticed my facial glow and wanted to pat more pitera liquid everywhere (face/neck). Love the ease and convenience of using pump in 11 fl oz bottle. ~
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