Skin Solutions


The skin care tips you need to get glowing skin for the season

During the summer, long periods of sunshine and spending more time outdoors mean that our skin is exposed to more harmful UV rays than usual. Heed our advice and prepare your summer arsenal of skincare products to keep your skin looking crystal clear, well-hydrated, and flawlessly radiant on even the most sizzling summer days.

1. Keep skin hydrated and supple in the blistering heat with Facial Treatment Essence, which works to replenish and retain moisture in the skin while also balancing the skin’s pH and sebum secretion, keeping excess oil at bay.

2. To give skin that summer glow-from-within, apply Cellumination Aura Bright after Facial Treatment Essence. This lightweight brightening essence helps to even out the skin tone and banishes dullness to reveal skin’s inner radiance.

Apply Facial treatment Essence to your face to soothe the skin. Containing the highest concentration of Pitera™, the essence promotes skin cell renewal to refresh and soothe sunburnt skin, helping to reduce damage caused by the sun.