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Beauty bloggers explain the importance of getting a head-start on skin care

When we’re in our teenage years and early 20s, the idea of wrinkles and skin aging seems like a distant concern. It’s easy to take our youthful looks and healthy skin for granted, but by the time we hit our 30s and the signs of aging start to appear, the damage has already been done.

It’s been said repeatedly that prevention is key when it comes to skincare. It’s much easier to prevent future skin issues than to treat existing ones, so don’t wait to start maintaining your youthful appearance with a proper skincare regimen.


Beauty vlogger Nayoung Kim knows the importance of starting a skincare routine early. “A lot of people believe that you should start using skincare when you first see signs of wrinkles – around your mid- to late-twenties, but that’s really not true,” she says. “You should actually treat your skin earlier than that.”

Nayoung was encouraged to start using skincare at a young age by her mother, and is grateful that she learned to develop good habits early on. “Even when I was in elementary school, I was really keen on taking care of my skin in the morning and night before I went to sleep,” she says.

“I actually recommend girls start using skincare at around 12 years old. It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, or a lot of steps in your routine. But especially if you’re really active and outdoors a lot, you should start with simple cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection.”


For beauty blogger Rachel Lyu, also known as The Raeviewer to her fans, eye cream has been her anti-aging essential. “I would say that eye cream is probably the one thing that has made a difference in my appearance,” she says.

Using skincare products early and taking care of her skin has made Rachel look even younger than her age. “I notice that since I don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles around my eyes, at 25, I still look significantly younger than even some of my own girlfriends,” she says. “And it honestly has a lot to do with how much I’ve taken care of my skin over the last decade.”

SKINCARE ESSENTIALS: Anti Aging Tips & When To Start

Facial Treatment Essence: As early as possible

Studies have shown that long-term use of Facial Treatment Essence results in crystal clear skin that lasts for decades. As SK-II’s signature product with over 90% Pitera, it is suitable for all skin types and helps to moderate the skin surface renewal cycle. You can even use it on your neck and hands – areas that are often neglected and can reveal your age without proper care.

UV protection: As early as possible

Sun damage is the number one culprit for aging, so get into the habit of wearing SPF-loaded products on a daily basis. To save time in your skincare routine, you can opt for a multi-purpose product with UV protection.

Moisturizer: From age 15

While teenaged skin tends to be oily and acne-prone, that doesn’t mean you can skip out on moisturizing altogether. Your skin still needs essential hydration, otherwise it can feel tight and dry. A light moisturizer such as Cellumination Cream EX works to deeply hydrate skin without adding extra shine. Its whitening complex will also help to even out your skin tone, as well as reduce dullness and the appearance of spots.

Eye cream: From age 18

Rachel says, “When you’re 13, you can just use a simple moisturizer and focus on cleansing your face, but as soon as you turn 18, I do believe it’s a good idea to start using a very basic hydrating eye cream.” Opt for a light eye cream that is easily absorbed by skin in the delicate eye area such as Essential Power Eye Cream, which works to strengthen the skin’s ability to renew itself and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Serum: From age 20

By the time you reach your 20s, your skin will begin to reduce production of essential sebum, elastin and collagen, resulting in skin that looks dull or feels rough. Start using a serum such as Cellumination Aura Bright that will brighten your skin, tackle dullness, and restore a youthful radiance.