The Perfect Bridal Beauty Prep

Online beauty gurus reveal how to revamp your skin care routine to get flawless, radiant skin so you look your best on the big day.

No matter what your wedding style – traditional or modern, glamorous or simple – the one thing that all brides want on their big day is to look their best, and that means having flawless, radiant skin. With only a few months left to go until you’re the center of attention, now is the perfect time to get started.

“Beautiful skin is the canvas for beautiful makeup, so I find that it’s the most important beauty priority,” says online beauty guru and makeup artist Rae of The Raeviewer, who has helped many brides achieve their perfect wedding day glow.

In addition to planning the guest list, the flowers and the dress, you should also be planning your skin care in advance. Rae recommends thinking about your face at least three months before your wedding date.

With help from Rae and Hong Kong-based beauty vlogger Bren Lui, who recently got married and credits SK-II for giving her flawless skin on her wedding day, we put together the ultimate bridal skincare countdown to the big day.

Three Months to Go

Revamp your skin care routine. When the wedding is only a few months away, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but now is the time to stay diligent and add a couple new products for an extra boost of radiance. Following your facial cleanser and toner with a beauty essence is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and renewed. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence replenishes skin’s moisture and helps with skin surface texture, giving you a soft and smooth complexion for your big day. Remember to look for skin care products with moisture-boosting, firming and brightening benefits and switch up your routine between morning and night. An SPF 30+ is important to apply for the daytime, and a hydrating eye cream is perfect for before bed. Now is the time to begin your journey toward radiant skin that will dazzle in all your wedding photos.

Workout regularly. Exercising will keep your energy up as you prepare for your big day, and it’s a great opportunity to clear your mind and de-stress. Schedule time for cardio or resistance training several times a week during the month leading up to your wedding. Plus, all of the endorphins you’re building up will do wonders for your skin!

Eat clean. Be mindful of your diet so your body stays in peak condition. Avoid junk foods, sugar and alcohol to help your skin glow. Rae also adds that it’s important to avoid MSG and excess salt, which will cause bloating and water retention.

“Eat healthy, organic whole foods and plenty of greens whenever possible,” Rae suggests.

One Month to Go

Use daily masks. Rae insists that brides use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask every night for a month before the wedding.

“It's a commitment, but there's a reason why dedicated brides do it – because it works,” Rae says.

Facial masks help to immerse skin in moisture and make it camera-ready all around! This best-seller instantly softens and smooths skin, leaving you with a visibly radiant complexion.

Don't neglect the skin on your neck. Photos won’t just capture your face; your neck is going to be front and center, too, especially if you plan to wear a strapless or low-cut dress. Be sure to give your décolletage the lux treatment with a rich moisturizer and spot treat any problem areas.

Five Days to Go

Fill up on water. You’ve heard it before, but it always rings true. Your skin looks better when you drink up! Rae recommends brides drink more water in the week before the wedding – at least eight cups every day – to keep the skin hydrated and looking radiant.

Get some rest. While stress might be high, your beauty rest is exceptionally important this week! Aim to get at least eight hours of sleep to help prevent dark circles. Double up on your eye cream morning and night. Also, be sure to apply your eye cream before your concealer to smooth out the area for easy application.

Stay disciplined. There may be last-minute emergencies for the wedding, but stick to your daily and nightly skin care routines – it will be worth the commitment!

“Do not make excuses and stray from your skin care routine,” Rae insists. “There's a lot of time and work involved, but it will pay off.”

Most importantly, savor this time! You only get to be the bride once, so soak up every moment.