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SOME LIKE IT HOT, PART 2: Make A Splash With These Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer skincare tips for when you're hitting the surf or pool

When you can’t wait to hit the waves or dive into the pool during hot summer days, the last thing you want to be worrying about is sun protection. But even though your skin feels cool in the water, it’s still being exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays that penetrate the water and can cause aging effects to your skin. SK-II’s Global Beauty Counseling Specialist Tanacin Meswad recommends the following skincare routine for when need waterproof sun protection that can shield your skin from harm, even while you’re splashing around.

1. Prep & Protect: Start with Facial Treatment Essence, followed by Cellumination Aura Bright. Apply a water-resistant sunscreen with a high degree of SPF. You'll stay protected even while you sweat or swim, but to ensure you’re still getting the proper amount of sun protection, reapply when you towel off or emerge from the water.

2. Post-swim: Although your skin is in the water for a long time, it can still be dehydrated from being exposed to the sun and its reflective UVA and UVB rays. After you get out of the water and it’s time to dry off, wait a short while for your skin to recover – check your fingertips for wrinkling and wait for them to settle down – and then wash your face with lots of clean water to leave no traces of chlorine which may have been in the pool.

3. Hydrate:Apply Facial Treatment Essence to give your skin much-needed hydration. For an added boost of moisture, apply LXP Ultimate Revival Essence – “like a luxurious, very concentrated version of Facial Treatment Essence,” says Meswad – which is infused with the highest concentrated Pitera.

4. Restore: Get your skin back to its plump, firm state by following the essence with an appropriate moisturizer, such as Essential Power Cream, formulated with anti-aging ingredients to enhance the skin’s ability to restore itself.

5. Treat: For a luxurious and hydrating boost for dehydrated skin, apply a Facial Treatment Mask once a week.