Skin Solutions

Take the Road to Recovery from Dark Spots

Dark spots are stubborn little buggers, especially when they seem to stick around for-ev-er. They often serve as little reminders of the acne you endured (and somehow survived!) during your teenage years. But, acne isn’t the only culprit of dark spots. Spots can be caused by other factors, such as sun exposure, hormone changes and even inflamed skin from removing facial hair!

The silver lining of dark spots on the skin is that they can eventually go away or, at the very least, fade significantly with a little extra help from your skin care regimen.

To prevent further dark spots and help lessen the look of the ones you have, here are few suggestions.

Protect and take cover.

Apply a good face sunscreen (with SPF 30+) directly on your brown spots. While it won’t work any immediate miracles, it will help keep dark spots on the skin from getting darker and sticking around longer.

Don’t dream until you’re clean.

Help keep new dark spots from forming with a gentle cleanser, like SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser. This creamy cleanser kicks the day’s impurities and grime to the curb. By gently exfoliating and lifting away dead skin cells, it sets the stage for a new layer of skin and helps to diminish the look of any dark spots you’ve got.

Don’t be so picky.

When acne surfaces, turn the other cheek. If it does “pop,” use a tissue, and not your fingers, to wipe it. And, always, always clean the spot when you’re finished.

Find your serum for success.

To reduce the look of hidden and visible dark spots, you can’t go wrong with SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence. This targeted serum reduces the look of spot formations for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Moisturize dark spots like crazy.

Don’t stop there. Go for a daily moisturizer that also combats the appearance of spots, like Cellumination Crème EX. You’ll die for this light, cream-like gel that evens out skin tone and reveals that glowing skin.

Dark spots will happen. But, you can handle them with the right attitude and the right skin care tools.