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Cure a Long Night Out with These Glowing Skin Tips

A long night of celebratory bubbly can bring more than just a headache the next day. Too much revelry can also take a toll on your overall complexion! These glowing skin tips (coupled with a nap and glass of water) can help you regain your day quickly, while giving you a puff-free, radiant face, and all before brunch.

Sweat it out.

You’ve heard the old adage that sweating it out is the quickest way to feel better. But, it’s also important for your skin to get in its own sweat session. For radiant skin, start by spending a few minutes in a hot shower or steam room to open your pores and perspire. This will help not only detox your skin, but also banish blackheads! Like during a facial, the hot steam gives your face a chance to detox and recover, all while being hydrated.

Start with a clean slate.

After steaming, it’s important to use a good face cleanser to get out any excessive perspiration or dirt.The Facial Treatment Cleanser from SK-II packs in the hydration, while making your skin look soft and supple. Immediately, your skin will feel conditioned by the blend of white willow extract and Pitera™,SK-II’s proprietary ingredient that speeds up skin’s natural rejuvenation process. Wash off any remaining cleanser with lukewarm or cool water to seal pores and maintain moisture.

Bask in a facial mask.

There aren’t many skin care products that deliver results faster than a facial mask. For a luxurious (and instant) boost, try the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. This bestselling mask helps you look more luminous with a youthful complexion. Simply place the sheet mask over your face, pat gently to make sure the facial mask fits well on the skin, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Round out the regular routine.

It’s important to pamper your skin with some tried-and-true products in your cosmetic cabinet. Top your skin off with a hydrating eye cream, nourishing face moisturizer, and a good sunscreen to prepare yourself to face the day.

This quick routine will whip your skin into shape in record time, so everyone will think you stayed in last night!

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