Pitera™ At Its Most Powerful

How SK-II scientists enhanced a miracle ingredient

The Origins of Pitera™

Inspired by seeing the extraordinarily smooth, youthful hands of sake brewers in Japan in the 1970s, SK-II scientists discovered a miracle ingredient that naturally enhanced skin's beauty, which they named Pitera™.

Pitera™ has since become SK-II's signature ingredient at the heart of every SK-II product, working to deliver crystal clear skin for women and men all over the world for over 30 years.

The Challenge                    

There was no denying the powerful benefits of this miracle ingredient, a yeast ferment filtrate packed with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. But SK-II scientists, who continually strive for the most advanced skincare innovations, were presented with another challenge: can it be made even more powerful?

Perfecting the Process

After years of researching the ideal process to harness the full power of Pitera, SK-II scientists were able to condense the ingredient to produce its most concentrated form: Highest Concentrated Pitera™.

Emphasizing the exclusivity and rarity of this precious ingredient, creating Highest Concentrated Pitera™ is a slow and meticulous process. Every step in the production process, from room temperature to air filtration, is tightly controlled by SK-II's expert technicians, ensuring the highest quality results.

A Miracle Made Better

Highest Concentrated Pitera™ represents SK-II's miracle ingredient in its most powerful form, strengthening skin's resilience to give it a beautifully youthful and radiant appearance. It is exclusively used within the LXP Ultimate Revival series of masterpieces.

Is it possible to further perfect a masterpiece? With Highest Concentrated Pitera™, SK-II has proven it so.