Skin Solutions

Easy Wrinkle-Preventing Hacks for Ageless Skin

1. Accessorize with shades.

Sunglasses are more than just a fun style accessory; they can also be a tool in your anti-aging arsenal. Sunglasses can help twofold. First, they prevent you from squinting, which is great because squinting can accentuate crow’s feet. Be sure your sunnies have lenses with UV protection, which can shield the delicate skin around your eyes. Plus, this is a little “wrinkle treatment” that is a lot of fun to shop for!

2. Be gentle with product and makeup application.

You know not to pull and poke your face throughout the day. But do you think about that when you’re applying a skin repair cream or your favorite eyeliner? Gently apply your beauty treatments without stretching and yanking your skin. The pros recommend using your middle and ring fingers as much as possible when applying moisturizers, serums and eye creams, because these fingers are generally weaker than their other counterparts. When applying eye cream, lightly pat the product around the socket to help prevent wrinkles around eyes.

3. Cover up when in the sun.

Applying an SPF when you’re going to the pool or beach makes sense, but it’s not necessarily something you think about when you’re walking the dog. Or running to grab takeout for dinner. However, even a little bit of sun can build up to a big problem. Diligently apply an SPF 30+ every morning before you leave the house, so you’re covered for whatever the day brings!

If sun has already brought some damage to your face, add brightening products into your mix to help lighten dark spots that have formed. The SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence is a great skin-smoothing serum that also helps with the look of age spots to bring out your own radiant skin.

4. Pick real food over junk.

Refined sugar, grease and trans fat can wreak havoc on your skin. Do yourself a solid and pick foods that don’t come in a bag, box, tray or sleeve. Your skin will naturally brighten up and age better when you eat real fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. That goes for beverages, too. Try switching your diet soda addiction for a natural sparkling water or unsweet tea.

5. Take it all off.

It’s as simple as that—take off your sunscreen, makeup and products at the end of each day. If it’s been a particularly rough or sweaty day, consider dual washing for a maximum clean. Start with a cleansing oil, like SK-II’s Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, to get the first layer of products and dirt off your face. Then, follow with a foaming cleanser, like SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser, to get deep into pores to remove impurities. Your face will look supple and hydrated after your wash!

Incorporate these tips into your lifestyle and let your skin glow! You’ll have strangers trying to guess your age.