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How to Keep Skin Hydrated Under Halloween Makeup

With these tips about skin hydration and protection, you won't have to worry if your makeup damages skin.

It’s that time of year when monsters, zombies, and witches run wild – so what better time than Halloween to put your makeup skills to the test?

Whether you’re going for spooky white-faced zombie makeup or simply recreating your favorite TV character’s look, be sure to properly protect your skin beforehand. Your thick Halloween costume makeup will look great for a few hours, but without applying skin hydration products underneath, it can do some scary damage to your skin.

  • SK-II R.N.A. Power Cream and Essential Power Eye Cream

Always pat on Facial Treatment Essence after cleansing and toning your face. The iconic and versatile essence immediately delivers intense skin hydration, conditioning it for additional skincare and the heavy Halloween makeup to follow.

To prevent skin from feeling suffocated and dry underneath layers of Halloween makeup, apply R.N.A. Power Cream all over your face before applying makeup to get firm and moisturized skin. Also, use Essential Power Eye Cream around your eyes to ensure the delicate and sensitive eye area is protected, so you can draw on dramatic zombie eyes without worrying how spooky it will make your skin look, even after Halloween.