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Tips for Glowing Skin All Day Long

Your makeup is on point, you’ve had your first cup of joe, and you’re ready to go! But, as the hours roll on, a little refresh is in order. We’ll leave the caffeine refuel to your favorite coffee house, but when it comes to maintaining radiant skin, we’ve got you covered. Here are some helpful tips for glowing skin—morning till night.

Glow from the get-go.

Add a skin brightening serum to your morning routine and your face can’t go wrong. Choose a lightweight serum that absorbs quickly and is designed to enhance skin’s radiance, like SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence. The formula’s powerful combination of Pitera™ and prunus extract reduce skin’s visible and hidden dark spots to reveal a brighter aura glow all day.

Too touchy? Call on a cleanser.

It’s one of those obvious rules that we’ve all heard: Don’t touch your face. But, it’s also an easy one to forget as you tap your keyboard and phone screen, touch door handles, grab pocket change… Next thing you know, you’re rubbing your eyes, toying with your chin, and resting your cheeks on your palms. As a result, your hands spread germs to your face. Plus, you’re also pressing oil into your pores and clogging them up. This is perfect reason to always clean your phone (with water or a mild glass cleaner) and hook a little bottle of hand sanitizer onto your purse!

But, there’s no way to keep your face completely germ-free, even if you’re a saint about not touching it! Make sure to include a gentle cleanser, such as SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser in your daily regimen. The creamy formula clears the dirt and impurities of the day (including makeup!) while leaving your skin hydrated. You’re left with nothing, but a clean, glowing face.

Give your face some mid-day love.

Use a quick skin pick-me-up during your lunch hour to refresh your face between morning and night routines. Try SK-II Mid-Day Essence Spray. A travel-size version of the brand’s signature essence, the mid-day essence spray’s hydration effect on your skin is felt instantly. Just close your eyes, spray a few spritzes, and let it penetrate through your makeup to lock in moisture. Your glowing face will thank you for it. Keep this Asian beauty secret in your purse’s zipper pocket at all times.

  • Iced coffee with SK-II Mid-Day Essence Spray

Makeup less.

Be wary of caking on too much makeup for your skin’s sake. For more radiant skin, help keep pores clog-free by using foundation sparingly. When your makeup starts dragging mid-day, brush a bit of translucent powder over your face to help give it a lift and lessen the shine.

Give your skin an evening treat.

Temperatures and environmental pollutants can put stress on your skin. When your own smile is outshined by your greasy T-zone, treat your skin to an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. It’s a hydrating face mask and skin brightening product with an indulgent concentration of Pitera™. The result is a visibly radiant and smooth complexion.

Lights out. Skin repair on.

You made it through another day! That final reward for your skin? Sleep. Good shut-eye allows skin to repair itself. You’ll get fewer wrinkles, fewer lines, and…aren’t those reasons enough? Even better—before bed, consider putting on SK-II R.N.A. POWER Cream. It’s a powerful firming face cream that tackles the signs of aging and brings skin to a whole new level of firmness. Plus, you’ll wake up to smoother and more radiant skin.