Desi Perkins: Travel Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

February 02, 2017

When internationally-known Beauty Vlogger Desi Perkins travels, she treats her skin to a simple beauty skin care regimen designed to keep her skin luminous, glowy and healthy. From her skin care tips on how to apply a facial essence, to her trick for using facial sheet masks while en route to her destination, you'll love these quick travel tips for your skin!

What really got me into this brand was the story behind how [the skin care products] came about. They came about from a sake factory in Japan. The scientists started to notice that the workers were aging... but their hands were staying incredibly, remarkably youthful. They realized that it's because of a certain ingredient that was derived from the sake, and that ingredient is called PITERA.

Desi Perkins, Beauty Vlogger

Tip #1: Keep your skin hydrated pre-flight.

The best way to keep skin hydrated while traveling is to start the hydration before you leave home. Desi likes to begin her travel day with freshly cleansed skin, and she applies Facial Treatment Essence with a gentle patting motion, pressing the essence into her skin. She applies any left-over essence to her neck, chest, and the backs of her hands - a great tip for glowing skin that you can use everyday!

  • Apply SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence
  • Gently Apply to Keep Your Skin Hydrated
  • Hydrate Your Skin Pre-Flight

Tip #2: Use the airplane as your "mini-spa".

While on long flights, Desi likes to use the airplane as her "mini-spa". She recommends using SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask to deeply hydrate skin and combat the dry air on the airplane. As an added bonus, she says it's even a great conversation-starter. Once she's done with her mask Desi has a tip for glowing skin that you may not have considered; she recommends making use of the essence that's left in the mask package. She likes to massage it into her neck as an anti-aging treatment.

  • SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask
  • Facial Treatment Mask for Glowing Skin
  • Apply Mask for Beautiful and Glowing Skin

Tip #3: Use a treatment on your lips.

Desi recommends using a moisturizing lip treatment the night before your flight to prepare for travel. She applies her lip treatment right before bed so that it works overnight. Then, she uses a product that is hydrating and has a slight gloss during the flight. This protects the lips, while adding a little bit of glam!

Tip #4: Double up on the masks to moisturize your eyes!

For an even more luxurious hydrating experience, Desi likes to layer cooling gel eye masks under her SK-II facial sheet mask. We love Desi's recommendation to stash a set of eye masks in the hotel fridge for a cooling on-the-go moisturizing eye treatment.

Tip #5: Drink lots of water for hydrated skin!

Don't forget to hydrate your skin from the inside. The dry air you experience while traveling can leave you and your skin feeling dehydrated. We love Desi's easy trick to staying hydrated in-flight... she carries her own water bottle to the airport and makes sure to fill it up often! It's so important to drink water and stay hydrated in-flight, but sometimes the small cups offered on the drink cart just aren't enough. Be like Desi and bring your own water bottle with you to the airport. Stash an empty bottle in your carry-on and then fill it up after you get through security so both you and your skin can stay hydrated for the whole flight.

Travel Tips for Glowy Skin | Desi Perkins
International beauty vlogger Desi shares her favorite tips for on-the-go skincare
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