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SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum

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50 ml (1.7 oz)
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  • LXP Ultimate Revival SerumFor firmer and more luminous skin with a stunning radianceItem# 00737052548173

    This indulgent super serum is perfectly blended with SK-II's Highest Concentrated Pitera™ and Skin Regenerating Activ penetrates surface layers for transformation that starts from within.

    Subtly fragranced with Rose Absolute, the most exquisite scent in the world, to comfort and lull your senses.

    • In just 3 days, skin is firmer and more luminous, with a stunning radiance.

    Rich, velvety serum that is readily absorbed by your skin.

  • Place 1-2 pumps into palm of hand
    Dot evenly on your forehead, both cheeks and your chin
    Spread the serum softly to the entire face, starting from the center and spreading outward

  • Aqua (Water/Eau), Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hexapeptide-3, Polyglyceryl-10 Myristate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraethylhexanoate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Xanthan Gum, Diphenyl Dimethicone, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Disodium Edta. *Pitera


LXP Ultimate Revival SerumFor firmer and more luminous skin with a stunning radianceItem# 00737052548173

This indulgent super serum is perfectly blended with SK-II's Highest Concentrated Pitera™ and Skin Regenerating Activ penetrates surface layers for transformation that starts from within.

Subtly fragranced with Rose Absolute, the most exquisite scent in the world, to comfort and lull your senses.

  • In just 3 days, skin is firmer and more luminous, with a stunning radiance.

Rich, velvety serum that is readily absorbed by your skin.

How to Use

Place 1-2 pumps into palm of hand
Dot evenly on your forehead, both cheeks and your chin
Spread the serum softly to the entire face, starting from the center and spreading outward


Aqua (Water/Eau), Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hexapeptide-3, Polyglyceryl-10 Myristate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraethylhexanoate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Xanthan Gum, Diphenyl Dimethicone, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Disodium Edta. *Pitera
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" My skin is glowing ", 
Really enjoyed using this was easy to apply, smoothed on my skin easily, and smelled great! My skin is looking better and more hydrated since using it....I even have friends telling me my skin is glowing!
" Skin feels nourished and bright! ", 
I'm familiar with the SK-II brand, having used the Pitera Essence kit before. My impression of the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum is that it's even more amazing a product! I'm 41 and I have combination skin with little to no breakouts or deep wrinkles. However, I do have acne scarring and the beginnings of aging skin. My complexion is fair and I use sunscreen diligently. I've used the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum for several weeks now and am pretty happy with the results. I use it twice daily with my normal skincare routine. The product packaging is very luxurious in it's shiny gold pump dispenser. The lotion is extremely light-weight and absorbs completely into the skin. I typically use 2 pumps per application. Unlike the Essence products, I barely noticed a scent with this. The lotion feels cooling and moisturizing, making my skin instantly feel like it's drinking a huge glass of refreshing water! It especially love this feeling at night, as it's a relaxing and very nourishing feeling. I've noticed after using it for a while that my skin seems brighter, softer, and more supple. I definitely want to continue to use the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum based on these fantastic results!
" Amazing product! ", 
I've just started using this and I can already tell it is amazing! My skin feels tighter and my pores are smaller. The smell is also great! Can't wait to see how this product will help my skin after a couple of weeks!
" Busy mom finally gets to pamper herself ", 
I am a busy mom to 3 very young boys so i tend to neglect myself. I have been using the Ultimate Revival Serum for a month now and what a huge treat it has been!! I find that dispensing 2 pumps is the perfect amount of product for night. It is silky and smooth and my face just soaks it up without leaving a oily residue. I also use 1 pump in the morning under my makeup (when I actually have time to apply some) and that's just enough to hydrate my skin. After a month of use my skin is a lot smoother and moisturized. I also have an amazing glow I didn't have before and the wrinkles in my forehead aren't as prominent. I am excited to finish the rest of the bottle and see what other benefits it will produce!
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
Now that I'm in my mid-30's, I want to take better care of my skin. This formula is very easy to apply and has plenty of product with just two pumps. It applies silky smooth and feels like it absorbs within a few minutes. My skin is shinier than usual but not in an oily way. The scent is perfect as a light rose essence. After a couple weeks of daily use, my skin feels refreshed and younger looking than before. Great product!
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum has become part of my new skincare routine for a couple weeks now. A little goes a long way with this serum. You only need one or at most, 2 pumps. If I have any leftover serum after rubbing it into my face, i rub the excess onto my neck. I like the scent of the serum. It's a light floral scent and not super strong and overpowering. I love how it goes on nice and smooth. It does not feel greasy at all. I typically have dry skin and this serum helped my skin stay moisturized. After using this serum for a couple weeks, i noticed that my skin tone looks more even. I definitely recommend this product and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.
" Spa Day Every Day ", 
SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum comes in a luxe, golden package which screams "pamper me!" Seriously, the tube is worthy of a photo shoot. A tiny amount comes out with each pump, but a little goes a very long way. After washing my face each morning and night, I use 2 pumps of the serum which covers my entire face. I was skeptical at first because the serum felt a little sticky on my hands, but after rubbing it into my face, it got soaked right up. My favorite aspect of SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum is that it does not leave my face feeling oily, but it does its job to moisturize. I am not a huge fan of the "rose absolute" scent, it is too strong of a floral scent and honestly reminds me of someone elderly or much older at least. I didn't take a star away because the scent is fairly light and goes away almost immediately. Once soaked into my skin, my face is moisturized, primed and ready for makeup. After using this product for 2-3 weeks I can definitely tell a difference in reduction of fine lines. I am 30 and have started getting tiny lines around my eyes and on my forehead. Well, those are gone! This serum has plumped out those areas. I feel like my face is glowing! It's like a spa treatment every time I use this product. I can't recommend it enough.
" I'm in love! ", 
I've had issues with my skin in the past and was a little apprehensive about trying this. I'm so glad that I did!!! I actually think that my skin tone looks better. I know this will not become a part of my regular skincare regime (price), but it's nice for the time being.
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Sereum ", 
This product is great. It's so soft, and smells amazing! I put it under my makeup everyday, and my face feels so soft all day. I have been using SK-II LXP Serum , instead of primer, and it's so much better. Excellent product! Highly recommended.
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
This serum is AMAZING!! I started using it on June 20th and today is July 11th and I already see an improvement in my skin!! I noticed in other reviews people complained about the scent, that it was too strong. I didn't notice it being strong at all. It's actually a very light scent and the formula is very light it glides on your face and is weightless. I've been actually using this in place of a moisturizer and primer. When I put the SK-II LXP Serum on before my foundation it gives my foundation a smooth airbrushed look! In regards to skin care, I use it in the morning and at night and I have noticed a huge improvement in my complexion. Dark spots and circles that I've had for years have vanished. It's much smoother and I can notice a definite glow! I love this product and will definitely be a life long user!!
" Luxurious, moisturizing & brightening ", 
I have been wanting to try this brand for years. When I finally got this SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum, it didn't disappoint. The serum has a lovely soft rose scent, very subtle . The serum is lightweight and spreads easily. It absorbs nicely into my skin. I do find it slightly tacky when first applied, but once i give it a minute or two it absorbs completely. I apply sunblock over the serum and then apply my makeup. It wears beautifully all day and makes my skin look smooth and soft. I am most impressed by how hydrated and moisturized my skin is when using this product. I've also noticed an overall brightness and luminosity to my skin which is an unexpected benefit!
" Skin Saver ", 
I began using this product after returning from a beach vacation. My skin was in bad shape from too much sun, sand, and fun. I had dry patches, an uneven skin tone, and sun damage. I have been using this product for about a month now, and my skin has never been better. I get compliments all the time. My skin is so soft, even, and the sun damage has been reversed. I am a believer! And I love the rose scent.
" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! Miracle worker! ", 
I think this is one of the best new skin care products out! I've used it for a few weeks and the results are AMAZING!!! My skin looks great, and comments from people I know attest to that! It's super easy to apply, has a nice light scent, doesn't leave skin feeling filmy, and gives almost instant results! My new fave', I can't argue with the results!
" Magic in a bottle! ", 
I generally like serums and SK-II's LXP Ultimate Revival Serum takes the cake! I've been using it twice a day for a few weeks now and my skin feels incredible! The serum itself is so soft and goes on easily. It definitely mousturizes my skin and really helps the problem areas. At 34 I'm concerned about the area around my eyes and forward and I've seen a noticeable difference since using the SK-II. It's been most noticeable around my eyes. The skin feels conditioned and doesn't look as thin or crepy as it did. Overall my skin just looks very even and it glows! My new favorite serum!!
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
My skin looks great I have to use it a little bit longer but I am very satisfied with the results Thank you
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
This ultimate revival serum was a MIRACLE worker! I may have slacked on sunscreen on my first beach day, and the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum quickly went to action to remedy my peeling forehead! It's light, non-greasy, and the rose scent is so calming. I used 2 pumps and it covered my whole face. I used an extra pump and applied to the back of my arms where I was experiencing some acne... my skin was clear after just two days! This is a MUST for my beauty regimine. #lookgoodfeelgood
" SKII LXP Serum ", 
I am a moisturizer junkie, having tried many high end and low end versions of creams, serums, masks, and lotions. The SK II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum is definitely high end, but proves ip*ef-ts worth. It feels as soft as satin as you pump the lotion onto your hands. A little goes a long way and it smoothly glides over my face. I think the moisture level is middle range. I don't feel overly greased, but not dry at all. I prefer it that way. Too much is too much. This is perfect as a nightly serum to hopefully slow down my aging skin after long term use. For right now, though, I am pleased.
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
I think this product is absolutely amazing!!! I have been using for a little over a week now and my skin feels tighter, smaller pores and younger looking skin. Also has an amazing rose smell. Can't wait to see what week 3 has in store for me!!! Thanks for such a great product!!
" Love love love this serum! ", 
I give five stars rarely and rarely change my serum/skin care routine for new products that haven't worked for me before. The SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum changed all of this. I have been consistently using it, it has integrated into my routine and is gentle on my skin and fits right in with my vitamin c serum, moisturizer and hyper pigmentation cream. So what is the result? I will be using it from now on because it delivers on what is promises. The only con, the Subtly fragranced with Rose Absolute, is barely detectable. I would prefer it be more fresh and present or no scent at all.
" SK II serum = miracle skin revival serum ", 
I absolutely love this serum and so did my skin. My skin felt firmer, even and radiant within days of use! Unlike other serums that I have tried in the past, I could actually feel and visibly see a difference in my skin. I would love to use this serum as a regular part of my daily routine although not quite sure my budget is allowing. I'll be saving to treat myself however as I think it's worth it. The scent is also subtle and nice...unlike some over bearing, unpleasant serum's out there! My skin felt clean, and hydrated right away. Skin care is very important to me.
" Great summer serum ", 
My skin has been fairly dry this summer and I've been trying to find the right products to really hydrate my skin so that there are no dry patches or flakes on my face. I was really excited to get the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum because it seemed like a great solution for my dry skin. I was surprised by how creamy and rich this serum was without being greasy. I could really tell by the first few applications how moisturized my skin felt. There is a very slight stickiness when you first apply it but that goes away after the product absorbs into your skin. I have normal skin for the most part with some dryness, so I used a moisturizer on top of the serum, but I can see some people may want to use the serum on its own without a moisturizer too. Definitely worth a try!
" love it... ", 
SK-II LXP Serum is so rich and moisturizing i don't need a cream or moisturizer after this serum. I did notice some changes on my face now is more brighter,softer and my skin tone is more even. The big plus is ,you don't have to use allot of serum on your face.
" Beautiful skin ", 
Before purchasing any product I like to read reviews and ask,friends before trying it. I have heard a lot about SK II lxp ultimate revival Serum how awesome this product is, and wanted to buy it but was really afraid to try something different. After receiving this product I am in love with it I made my skin so soft and I notice a big difference in my skin tone . It works so awesome that my friends have notice the difference and asked what product I am using . I love SK II Ultimate revival serum and I am purchasing this product again.
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum what an amazing product .I like that it did not leave any sort of greasy sensation on your skin. My skin literally drank up all the moisture. I even put it after I got sunburned and it's helped my skin heal. I put it on in the morning at night and I see my skin transforming itself. I keep it in the refrigerator for an added freshing sensation
" Excellent Serum ", 
I use SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum after I shower, before anything else. I also apply it at night before going to bed. The serum is so light and absorbs quickly into your skin. My skin is smoother and more supple after using it for two weeks. It has helped even out my skin tone. You only really need to use one or two pumps at most, which I like. It's so easy that I've incorporated it into my daily routine.
" Great for my sensitive skin ", 
I expected this to burn my very sensitive face like every other product I try does. I was pleasantly surprised that it has not burned or irritated my dry, very sensitive skin. I've used it two days day and night and my face feels so smooth! I don't love the packaging.. the giant tube is completely unnecessary and I think they could probably put it in a much smaller container.
" Miraculous ", 
In two- three days my family, friends and I could tell the glow in the face difference. It is so easy to apply evenly. Love the rose essence smell. I was also drinking lots of water and running too which made the face look that much more active and healthy. definitely recommend it if you have big occasions coming in life and need that extra oomph to your face.
" Refreshingly smooth ", 
I think this product works well on all skin types. I am lucky that it is smooth and goes on soft. It's easy to use and non greasy. Try this product today to see how incredible it is
" Great product ", 
I have been using SK-II LXP a little over a week now and I absolutely love this product. I can already see a difference in my skin. I like how easy this product is to apply and I like the pretty bottle it comes in. This is my new go to product to use in my daily skin routine now.
" Makeupless and beautiful! ", 
I have recently starting using SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum and I am so pleased with how my skin has responded! First of all, it goes on very nicely, it has a very silky texture and the smell is very pleasant. It has a faint rose smell. I am not usually a fan of rose scent but this is not overwhelming at all. My skin feels amazingly soft and smooth and I have even left the house without make up on, which I would have never dreamt of before! This stuff is magical!
" Luxurious radiance.. ", 
I noticed my skin had gotten dull lately, I was recommended this serum by a friend who raves about it.. And not enough I must say! I noticed a significant difference by my third day using it..I used it on a freshly cleansed face, the serum has a delicate aroma of roses and left my skin feeling silky soft and plump.My pores were less noticeable and complexion was radiant, by the third day I decided to skip foundation all together and got away with spot concealing. I did not make me break out.I am glad to have found this product , and I will try the moisturizer from this line soon as I am pleased with the results!
" Love this serum! ", 
I have oily skin and I've recently tried a chemical peel and omg i so needed this. After the peel my skin was so dry and flaky, so I used this magic in a bottle! It has brought my skin back to life and I just love the directions so cute.
" SK-II Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
I think that the SK-II Ultimate Revival Serum is a wonderful product. I use the product before I go to bed and the results the next morning have been remarkable. After just a few uses I see fine lines diminishing, my skin tone is more even, and my skin is glowing. My skin feels and looks much more healthy since using this product. A little of the serum goes a long way and it has a subtle, but calming rose scent that you will smell as you are applying. My skin feels very hydrated and moisturized and even my makeup is going on flawless and I am not needing to use as much foundation due to the improvements that this serum is making to my skin. The improvement that I have seen with my skin has really helped my self confidence. I know and feel that my skin looks healthy.
" Soft and smooth ", 
Omigoodness this stuff melted into my face. It was like my face welcomed it with open arms! It felt great going on and after my skin soaked it up I couldn't even feel it on like most serums. It says it has a smell, but I only noticed it faintly. I love this stuff! I put it on after I clean my face but before moisturizer. Your skin will love you for it!!!
" Amazing!!!! ", 
This is an amazing serum that is very nourishing. My face has been so dry and tight from this harsh winter weather and using this before my moisturizer definitely helped relieve that dryness. It is however very thick and it takes a while to absorb but just a bit does go a long way. Need to remember this vs use of other more watery serums. Great at night!
" Great product! ", 
I've only been using this serum (in combination with the Facial Treatment Essence) for a few days now and I've already noticed a difference. I purchased the products as more preventative measures, to keep my skin from developing wrinkles down the road; so, I expected the results to be long term, not immediate. However, after just three days of using the two products together, my skin looked and felt noticeably different - it is now softer, brighter and more even toned. I also don't feel the need to wear as much makeup as I was wearing before.
" Fantastic moisture, light scent ", 
I think the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum is better than I expected! I sometimes have issues with serums making even my extra-dry skin very oily, but this one sunk in quickly and moisturized well with just a few drops. I especially appreciate that the rose scent is very light and not cloying or overly floral - after all, if it's on my face, I'll be smelling it all day! I don't know that I would replace my regular serum/SPF moisturizer combo because I've found what works well for me in the summer, but I could see myself using this in the winter instead of a thick cream.
" Better than I expected ", 
I had never heard of SK-II LXP before, but as a woman in her 40s, I am always ready to try anything new for my skin. It comes in a very nice container and seems to hold a lot of product; something that is hard to find with more pricey serums and facial creams. My routine included placing two pumps of the serum into my hand after washing my face. It goes on smoothly and penetrates the skin quickly; it's not overly greasy feeling. The scent is very subtle but nice. After using it for a while, I have noticed that my makeup goes on a lot smoother now. I can only assume that it is because of this serum since that is the only change I have made to my facial routine for the past few weeks. I feel like it has smoothed out my skin, evened out the tone, and helps keep my skin moisturized, all of which is important as one ages. I am only giving it four stars now because I would like to see how it continues to improve my skin long term, but so far I am truly enjoying it!
" Serum Review ", 
Prior to trying this product, I had been looking for a day time moisturizer. First off... I liked the packaging. It's elegantly packaged and because I only use 3 pumps after cleansing my face, the amount of product is satisfactory. It's almost 8 weeks and still going strong. Smell... Light it. Now the product... On my combination, oily t zoned skin... It was awesome under makeup and alone. Didn't way my skin down and was not drying. I did notice a more even skin tone and refreshed look each day.. Especially since i know i don't get enough sleep. Overall i like this product and would get it again. My only complaint is I don't like compounds I can't pronounce or ingredients that counteract the performance of what is natural in a product so that would be my only issue here. If you have no issues with some of the ingredients then this moisturizer for you. Nothing like evenly balanced, moisturized skin!
" SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum ", 
This serum is nothing short of amazing! I've been using it for about a month now, and my skin tone has evened out, my pores are smaller, and overall my complexion looks less dull and dare I say...radiant! I apply after toner and an exfoliant every night. The texture is very lightweight and soaks into my skin right away while being lightly moisturizing. Best of all, it doesn't cause breakouts--if anything it improves them! I would have given it 5 stars, but the price point is very high for most.
" Great face serum ", 
I was worried at first after reading a few reviews that it would make my face oily since I already have oily skin but tried it anyway and I'm glad I did. It is light weight and after a few weeks, noticed my skin was more even-toned and bright. I have never had skin so bright! I am not a fan of rose scent but it is so light its not even noticeable. I haven't noticed a difference in my eye wrinkles yet but my skin looks so much better. Would definitely use again.
" The secret to a more youthful appearance ", 
SK ll revival serum is an amazing product. I tried it for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say that I feel my skin is changing, getting firmer. I am 35 years old and had already accepted that my skin will never be the the same as when I was in my 20's. I take very good care of my skin, always wearing makeup with SPF and I have never been a smoker. Regardless of my pampering skin routine, I recently started seeing sign of aging. I started to get fine lines under my eyes and my skin began getting dryer. I think this serum has greatly improved the texture of my skin. After using it for 3 weeks, I think my skin is firmer than it used to be. The serum is light and silky. It is supposed to have a light rose scent although I don't really notice it. It absorbs quickly and I feel a surge of rich moisture penetrating my skin. I have added it to my skincare routine on a daily basis. I put it on right after washing my face. I let it soak in a bit and then use my moisturizer. I also use it under my makeup. It leaves my skin smooth and supple. It gives me a radient glow under my make up. I have received so many compliments from friends and coworkers noting my skins dewey appearance. It has been 3 weeks now since I have started using the serum. I feel like my skins texture is smoother and firmer. I have not yet seen any improvement in the fine undereye lines, but will give it more time. I am unsure if the brand has any undereye specific products but if it did I would love to try it. I would recommend to anyone wanting smoother more youthful looking appearance.
" Like not love ", 
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started using the SK-II revival serum. The thing that caught my eye right away was the packaging and container itself. The shiny rose gold bottle is hands down the prettiest bottle I've gotten. The serum is a smooth, nongreasy formula that spreads easily and absorbed quickly which I liked. It never irrated my skin or cloged my pores. 1-2 pumps goes a long way and was easy to apply with my fingertips. I also love the rose fragrance and I didn't find it overpowering at all. After using it under my moisturizer for a few weeks I haven't noticed a dramatic difference but my skin does smoother and more hydrated overall. As far as rejuvenated I don't think that's occurred but I'm not sure if I've been using it long enough to see that. I definitely will continue to use it as I'm happy with the effects so far.
" Very good serum! ", 
I've been using the SK-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum for a few weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I have been putting it on after my shower every morning. The serum is very light and absorbs right into my skin without any greasiness, leaving it very soft. I was initially concerned about the fragrance, but I have found it very mild and it doesn't linger. It's hard to tell if the serum has had an effect on my forehead fine lines, but I will continue using it with the hopes that it diminishes them.
" So far, so good! ", 
I've been using this a few weeks now and so far I'm really enjoying it! I'm sensitive to fragrance, but this one is light and dissipates quickly. This serum is lightweight and sinks right in. I've noticed a more radiant glow to my face without any greasiness. I haven't seen any change to my fine lines yet. Time will tell!
" Ultimate, luxury cream ", 
Sk-II LXP Ultimate Revival Serum is a product I have been using for 2 weeks now. I can't say I see any difference in my skin, but I can say I feel a difference in my skin already. To begin with, this product is beautifully packaged. It makes you feel like you are indulging your face. I couldn't love the directions more... who doesn't want a serum that not only works but smells delightful. I have wholeheartedly taken to smelling the light scent after rubbing together between my palms. It suggests 1 to 2 pumps and this is enough to feel your face is coated with product. Now to how it makes my skin feel. I have very dry, parched skin that I am constantly layering moisturizer on. After a shower, I normally put a cream based face moisturizer on 3-4 times before I feel I have hydrated enough to apply makeup. I use this product and I have only been applying moisturizer once about 10 minutes after. I love that. I have sensitive skin and I have not noticed any irritation while using this product (normally any type of skin care I have to use every other day so as not to cause skin irritation. This product I have used daily.) I give this product a 5 as a moisturizer, which is what it claims to be. It is quite expensive so unless I can go down to using just this product as my only moisturizer I can't give it a 5 overall.
" Nice and smooth ", 
I have now been using this product for a couple of weeks and an still enjoying it. The consistency of the product still goes on nice and smooth with it's silky feel on my face. The smell is still a bit on the high side so many people may not like that if they are sensitive to smells. I do try to avoid putting to much right under my nose to minimize the constant smell. I do see my face has a smoother texture but I do wish my puts would minimize more like some others have stated they get. I also have noticed some fading of darker spots so that is great but at the end of the day I just don't think I would be willing to dish out so much money for just one product to add to my beauty routine but for people that don't have that issue I say it is definitely worth getting.
" Nice Product ", 
To be honest, I hoped this product wouldn't work- it's more than I would usually spend on a facial serum, but this stuff is really fantastic. I feel like my face stays moisturized all day (even without using a traditional moisturizer) and I think I see an improvement in my skin's appearance after only 2 weeks of use. The smell is pleasant and subtle. Great product overall.
" Smells wonderful ", 
I was a fan of the SK -II ultimate revival serum. I've used many face items in the past that have failed me, but this reacted great with my skin. I have dry and sensitive skin. The price is rather high for my budget though.
" Thick and creamy ", 
This SK-II serum is rich and creamy. It glides on beautifully and leaves my skin full of moisture. I was worried it was going to be too much for my combination skin, but it gives me the perfect base for my makeup. I have actually used this with no makeup on top of it and left the house...which I never usually do, but it's so rich that you don't worry about your fine lines. My only complaint is the rose scent. It's a little overwhelming at first and took a little getting used to.
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