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SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C

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30 ml (1 oz)
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  • Facial Treatment Repair CFor 24 hour moisturizationItem# 00737052641454

    A nutrient-rich serum with a mix of concentrated Pitera™ and Hyaluronic acid, it reduces appearance of wrinkles and roughness to refine skin texture and elasticity.

    • Deeply moisturizes skin for 24 hours.
    • Experience the same luxurious feeling as if wearing a treatment mask all day.

    A small amount of this gel-type serum spreads evenly onto the face.

  • Place 1-2 pumps into palm of hand
    Dot evenly on your forehead, both cheeks and your chin
    Use your fingertips to lightly knead from the center of your face outwards, and complete the treatment with light tapping for better penetration

  • Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Aqua (Water / Eau), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate. *Pitera


Facial Treatment Repair CFor 24 hour moisturizationItem# 00737052641454

A nutrient-rich serum with a mix of concentrated Pitera™ and Hyaluronic acid, it reduces appearance of wrinkles and roughness to refine skin texture and elasticity.

  • Deeply moisturizes skin for 24 hours.
  • Experience the same luxurious feeling as if wearing a treatment mask all day.

A small amount of this gel-type serum spreads evenly onto the face.

How to Use

Place 1-2 pumps into palm of hand
Dot evenly on your forehead, both cheeks and your chin
Use your fingertips to lightly knead from the center of your face outwards, and complete the treatment with light tapping for better penetration


Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate**, Aqua (Water / Eau), Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylparaben, Sodium Benzoate. *Pitera
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" Youth in a Bottle ", 
As I've aged, I've reluctantly accepted that I had to sacrifice my youthful skin full of elasticity and free of wrinkles for the wisdom I've gained over the years. I have tried numerous products that promised to bring back that youthful, elastic skin. When I was invited to try SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C, I approached with the same skepticism I developed after thousands of dollars of other products made minimal improvement. This nutrient-rich serum with a mix of concentrated Pitera and Hyaluronic acid, though, surprised me! After only 5 days, my wrinkles on my forehead and even my happily-earned smile lines are MUCH LESS noticeable! My skin looks like it did almost 10 years ago! I apply SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C each morning; I simply pump 2 drops of the serum into my hands, dab it over my forehead and cheeks, tap about 20 times , and easily knead it into my skin. The results were evident after only 3 uses. I cannot wait to see my skin after a month of using SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C!
" Mom getting her face back ", 
I recently stopped breastfeeding and noticed my skin started to break out. My skin was dull, rough and dry. I've only been using Sk-II facial treatment repair C for a little over a week now. I'm starting to see a difference. My face looks smoother and feels softer. A little cream goes a long way. I applied a small amount every night before bed. It doesn't leave a greasy after feeling on my hands or face which I love. Can't wait to get my face back to normal again.
" Visible results ", 
I have been using the SK II Facial Treatment Repair C for two weeks. It has a silky thin gel like consistency that is easily absorbed into my skin. It does not leave behind any sticky or heavy residue and can easily be worn under makeup. I love the moisture it provides as well as seeing a reduction of my fine lines. It has really left my skin feeling noticeably softer and smoother. It's great to see and feel results!
" love love SK-II ", 
I've always wanted to try SK-II product and so glad I was able to. My drying sensitive skin became so much softer just after couple days after using it. Really enjoyed using this product and told my friends about it. It wasn't just the hype but the effect of this SK-II is dramatic. Just love it!
" Excellent hydration! ", 
This is a great product. I have combination skin and my skin is always so dry/tight after cleansing around my eyes and mouth, and still have adult acne (urgh). I have a lot of oil naturally, so I don't need more oil, I need hydration. And this does a great job. It goes on very easily/smoothly. It feels a little tacky for a little while, but you get used to that. The 1oz bottle seems small and it is quite pricey, but it goes a long way as you only need one pump for your face (and one pump for your neck/chest). I'm not sure my existing "fine lines" have decreased, but maybe over time I just won't create many more. I've been using it now for 2.5 weeks and I'm really happy with the look and feel of my skin! I would definitely purchase again if/when I can afford it.
" Wow! This might actually work! ", 
I have been using the SK-II nutrient-rich serum for a few weeks now and it has definitely made a difference in my skin! My skin appears more healthy, youthful, and supple. It is soft to the touch, and my fine lines are less noticeable. I am absolutely impressed with this product! When applying, it is a little bit tacky to the touch for a few minutes while being absorbed, so it is not something you want to put on if you are in a rush to get your makeup on and go. Though, I feel the wait time is worth it!
" A big thumbs up to SK-II Repair C! ", 
I'm 38 years old, and although I've always been careful with my skin - my age is still starting to show. I'm starting to get lines around my eyes when I smile, and the skin isn't so smooth on my cheeks - it is especially obvious when I'm out in the sunlight. I'm happy to say that after only a few weeks of using this skin treatment daily, I'm definitely seeing positive results! My skin looks and feels more smooth, and my foundation looks nicer also when applied. I also feel like my face looks better when I'm wearing no makeup at all, which is pretty incredible. It doesn't help with the dark circles, but it helps with everything else. It is really easy to remember to apply it to my face at night after washing, or in the morning before applying makeup. Very convenient! I seriously didn't expect these results, so I'm glad I took the chance. Again, I HIGHLY recommend.
" So good, glad I tried it. ", 
This is the best skincare line I have tried. It works, it doesn't smell weird, and it isn't difficult to use. Pump it out, put it on your face, and watch the results. You won't be sorry you tried it.
" So far, so good ", 
I have to admit the very first time I tried this product I wasn't impressed. It left my face and hands feeling sticky like the product was just sitting there and not soaking in. Upon further inspection Isaw there were specific instructions for how to apply...let me tell you, after I used the product exactly as described...huge difference! No longer sticky, my face felt smooth and wonderful. I honestly believe I will continue to use this serum. I'm already seeing improvement with fine lines and the texture of my skin. I'm really excited to see what kind of results I can get with long term use.
" I fell in love! ", 
I have read a lot of press about this product over the years. After trying it, I can see why it's a cult item. It does what it says. I have been using it nightly for 3 weeks now. My forehead wrinkles are reduced and it doesn't clog my pores. It has no smell and absorbs quickly. My skin feels amazing as well. I am completely in love with SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C.
" From red & sensitive to hydrated & dewy! ", 
I have been using this treatment for about a month now. I have SUPER sensitive skin. I was cautious about trying out a new product, as switching anything in my skin care routine tends to break me out for weeks. I did need something extra in my routine to improve hydration and moisture. Having hypersensitive acne prone dry skin is not easy to deal with - THIS TREATMENT HAS ACTUALLY HELPED! My skin tone is more even, my skin feels more plump and hydrated, and I've noticed several of my dark spots slowly disappearing. I really love the texture of this product too - it goes on silky smooth and is absorbed almost immediately. I have not had any breakouts and have generally younger looking and feeling skin. My esthetician has referred to my skin as "dewy" for the first time in years!
" Drink of Water For My Face ", 
I have been using SK-II Facial Treatment for over a month now. It goes on very lightly and absorbs into the skin quickly. Although the improvement in my skin hasn't been dramatic or happened over night, there is definite improvement in the texture, the feel of, and the way my face looks. The fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes have softened, and a few "age spots" have lightened up as well. I look forward to continued use of this product.
" Young Again ", 
I started out skeptical, but now my skin is young again, and I'm a believer. SK-II is now a regular in my skin care regimen. It really does do everything that it boasts it's going to do. I've used this gel for a few weeks now, every night, and I have soft, refreshed skin. Wrinkles? Buh-bye. Hello elasticity like I'm in my 20's. Use it every night, and apply as suggested, and you won't be sorry.
" Great product ", 
Finallly a product that does what is advertised!! The elasticity that was brought back from this product is totally worth it! Thank you for returning my youth!!
" So far so good... ", 
I was soooo excited to get this because I'm a HUGE fan of SK-II. Are they pricey...yeah. But do they deliver? ABSOLUTELY. I've only been using the Facial Treatment Repair C for two days so it's too soon to see true results but even the application is an experience. The clear liquid feels like a silk lotion and a little bit goes a long way in usage, so the bottle should last a while. It absorbs quickly and feels oh so nice on my skin.
" Softer younger looking skin ", 
I think this product is perfect! It is a nutrient-rich serum with a mix of concentrated Pitera and Hyaluronic acid which reduces appearance of wrinkles and roughness to refine skin texture and elasticity. My skin feels great! You only need a small amount of this gel-type serum and spread kindness it evenly onto the face.
" That one stubborn wrinkle... ", 
Although I am still fairly young, I am starting to notice the signs of aging. In particular, there is one really noticeable between my eyebrows that I hate so much. I have found that the SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C really helps minimize it. My face also feels incredibly soft and smooth and I love that a tiny amount goes such a long way.
" SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C ", 
So far, SO GOOD! I am loving everything about this product: sleek packaging, easy pump dispenser, super lightweight feel, and I think it is making a difference in my skin. I recently moved to desert dry Arizona and my skin is normally dry on its own. Needless to say, I am looking for extra moisture anywhere I can get it! So far this has been savior and I look forward to slathering it on each night. Two pumps is plenty and one is just enough. I am considering layering it under my makeup to continue the effects during the day. But, for now, it is delivering smooth, moisturizing results!
" Great facial ", 
The SK ll made my skin soft and looking refreshed! After a long day with quads l used this on my skin before bed When l awoke my skin was very soft and overall looking refreshed!! I recommend this product!
" My Face is in Heaven ", 
The SK-II came at the perfect time. I had just run out of my regular face treatment and was starting to panic about ordering more. So I've been using it for a week now and it is amazing. It doesn't sit on my face in the hot weather we've been having and I feel my skin is staying extra hydrated and happy with all the AC. I don't know that it's shown a marked improvement yet, but I am sure loving this stuff and look forward to seeing how it goes over the next few weeks.
" Amazing! Great Stuff! ", 
SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C really makes my skin feel great. It goes on light and smooth and really helps me see my flaws disappearing before my eyes! I can't believe how amazing my skin looks AND feels! I've been using it for a little bit now and I can really see some brightening in areas that were dull, a significant decrease in some of my fine lines, and just and overall smoothing effect to my skin! I can't wait to see where my skin is in another few weeks!
" A Little Goes a Long Way ", 
I am a 35 year old African American woman with typical skin concerns: minimizing my pores , preventing aging, and brightening my complexion. I have been using this product over two weeks and have really grown to love it! After cleansing my face and applying toner, I follow up with a pea-sized amount of SK-II. I spread the product on my face and pat it into my face and neck. At first, I was afraid that my sensitive skin would overdry or become irritated but it didn't. I am able to use this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, with no irritation at all! It wears well under makeup and under my favorite evening moisturizer. I have noticed my pores have minimized and my complexion is so much brighter. I am sure the benefits will increase after more weeks of usage.
" Great product! ", 
I'd have to admit I was a bit skeptical trying this product, as I'd tried a lot of products in the past that did not do what they claimed. This one does! After using this for a few weeks at night, my skin appears smoother, more radiant, plump, and my pores have actually reduced in size. Being an oily skin girl, I thought this would make my skin even more oily, but it didn't! Will buy this product again in the future!
" Rescuer of dry skin ", 
This product has helped my dry, sensitive skin quite a bit this summer. I love that all it takes is two pumps to get coverage on my whole face. I've been using it 2x a day for about 2 weeks and have noticed a positive impact on my skin: it's more moisturized and definitely looks healthier! My skin is quite sensitive, but I have had no problems with this product: it has reduced the redness and flakiness I usually experience and I'm in love! I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with keeping their sensitive skin moisturized. A+
" Great for the summer ", 
It is not as thick but hydrate the skin right away. The product comes in a almost clear liquid form. Great for summer.
" Helping stay in denial ", 
As I start showing subtle signs of the aging process, I do everything I can to deny it. SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C has helped improve my face ~ the lines around the corner of my eyes, the wrinkles on my forehead, the looseness all over. While it has not diminished the lines, it has helped to "hide" them and to tighten the elasticity of my skin.
" Love all Sk-II products ", 
In love with this stuff. With every new product they come out with, I'm always loving it. This one here feels so nice on the skin. The smell is pleasant and you instantly feel the difference on your skin. Totally recommend this to everyone. I have combination skin and had no breakouts or rash or irritation on my face. Love it!!
" Amazing product ", 
My skin is starting to show that I am over 40. Just started using SKII facial treatment. Amazed at how quickly my skin is looking healthier. It is even lightening my skin spots. Awesome oroduct.
" A drink of water for your skin! ", 
I 've been using the SK-II Facial Treatment Repair Serum for several weeks with amazing results! I'm in my mid 30's and my skin looks and feels like it did in my 20's. My friends and family have noticed how smooth and soft my skin has become. SK-II Facial Treatment Repair Serum doesn't cover skin issues, it repairs them! I feel so confident in my new skin that I've been mixing the serum with my SPF and leaving the house - foundation free! As a former esthetician and someone who considers herself a skin care junkie, I can tell you this product works! It's like a drink of water for your skin. Definitely worth the investment.
" Great way to Hydrate ", 
When I first received this product I was confused about how and when to use it. It would be helpful if they provided this information. I decided to use as part of my night routine. Although it was a bit slimy, I must say my face does feel more hydrated. I have used it for the past week and I do see the difference. Just two or three pumps covers my face. My face is usually really dry during the summer but I have noticed improvement since using this product!
" Great For Summer ", 
When I first received this product I was a little nervous about using serum on my face during the hottest months of the year. I have combination skin, so I was scared that the product would make my face shiny and possibly even break out. It has been a few weeks and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I apply the serum in the morning after I have showered. At first, the serum feels a little bit sticky, but within a minute my skin in extremely soft and smooth. My makeup glides on easily over the product and actually seems to stay on all day. I took this product to the beach and it helped to soothe my skin after days of salt water and SPF. I really noticed a difference on the tip of my nose and forehead, which usually peel after sub exposure. With 2 small pumps I was able to cover my entire face and neck and the moisture lasted until the next day. My face has less dry patches and appears to be less irritated. This is a wonderful product for someone with combination skin that hates the feeling of heavy moisturizer.
" 2 Weeks In ", 
About my skin: I'm 33 years old with oily, acne prone skin. I have old acne hyper-pigmentation, a few fine lines under my eyes, and some smiles lines. My 2 week review: The product is packaged in a nice glass bottle with a pump to easily measure out the perfect amount. One pump covered my whole face. I loved the serum like texture and it felt really silky while being rubbed in. I usually have problems with products feeling tacky on top of my oily skin, but this absorbed really nice. My skin is really sensitive, but so far I haven't had any breakouts using it every day. I've noticed my acne hyper-pigmentation seems to be getting a little lighter, my pores seem a little tighter, and I can definitely tell that my skin is brighter. I can't wait to see how my skin looks in a few more weeks.
" Better Than Expected Rsults ", 
I have been using the SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C serum for a few weeks now. I can say that my skin has been feeling softer.
" SK-II fan 4life ", 
I was really excited to try this product because I was familiar with the essence and this product was a vitamin C component. This product is more of a traditional serium which is much more familiar to me. It went on smooth and the next day my skin looked great. Sometimes I feel like I need an additional moisturizer after using this product. I would love to have more information from the company about if this product can be layered with their other products. If I knew it could be layered this product would be a 5 out of 5.
" Day one: I love it ", 
I just received the SK-II facial treatment yesterday. I was excited to try it out. I put it on my clean skin, and was a little worried about how slimy it felt. A little bit went a long way. One squirt was enough. I had plenty to spread on my face after I used two pumps. I was skeptical about how it would dry, but was delighted when it soaked right in. I woke up to normal skin, no oiliness at all. Excited to see long term results!
" Deceiving, but effective! ", 
When first using, I thought i would need an additional cream moisturizer - there would be no way a serum would moisturize & protect! Wrong - just using the product my skin looks & feels great after consistent daily use. I have only started using this a few weeks, but already I notice a change in my mature skin chemistry - stays hydrated all day!
" SK - II Repair C ", 
I've only been using it for a few weeks, while I can't see a difference in fine lines yet, my skin is more smooth and hydrated already!
" Its Magical! ", 
I truely love watching my wrinkles, fine lines disappear. My skin look fresh, tightened . Using it every day I feel my skin looks a lot healthier. The only negative in using SK-II is the sticky dry time after applying. I pump 2 small pumps into my hand and with my finger dot small amounts onto my face. Then in curcular dabbing motion using both hands, work the serum into my face. A little does go a long way. It does dry in minutes and is not stucky once my face is dry. If it wasnt so expensive I would continue to use it
" SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C ", 
I wanted to use the SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C for a few weeks before I left any feedback. I wanted to have a honest opinion on it. I really like the way it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It does not take much at all. I can usually use 1 pump for my forward, cheeks and chin. It does not make my skin feel oily! I can start to see the fine lines starting to fade. I would recommend this product!!
" amazing skin ", 
I think this vitamin C product is amazing. I have been using it at night in place of my regular night cream and I wake up with my skin feeling soft and looking more even toned. I think the vitamin C is changing the way my skin feels as well. It is very soft and feels hydrated in the morning.
" My new must have! ", 
I have been using this product for just over a week and love it. I have oily skin with acne scars, large pores and sun spots. So far this serum has made the texture of my skin much smoother! It sinks into my skin quickly and does not cause my skin to be more oily (than normal). I'm giving it 4 stars, instead of 5, as I wish it wasn't so expensive! But I do think you get what you pay for with this product! I love it!
" SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C ", 
I have been using SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C for a little over a week. It goes on light and absorbs quickly. I have already noticed my skin looking a bit brighter and firmer. My pores are also much less visible. I can't wait to see what the results are longer term.
" Initially Sticky but then turns good ", 
My initial feeling when first using this was "I feel sticky". Of course, you let it soak in and it subsides. Then it works its magic once it's being absorbed. My skin feels dewy and moist, it's pretty refreshing. I use this in the evening after washing my face. Initially I really wasnt sure what to do as there wasnt a lot of information provided with the packaging but I got it all worked out in the end.
" Smoother skin ", 
I enjoy using this serum. It is very moisturizing and has made my skin feel smoother. It has also helped fade pigmentation left from acne. You only need a very small amount to cover your whole face.
" Excited to try ", 
I was so excited to try the SK-II Facial Treatment Repair serum since I've been seeing it on social media. The packaging is very nice, the bottle is heavy and the pump works nicely. I was surprised at how runny the serum was compared to others I've used. It made it easy to spread on my face, but occasionally challenging to get from my finger to my face without losing some to the counter. With the initial application, it glides over the skin smoothly and is absorbed in less than 5 minutes. The scent is unnoticeable. When I apply it at night, the next morning there seems to be a film residue that comes off in the shower. When I apply it in the morning, I don't have the same experience when I wash my face before bed. Maybe due to length of time on the skin? Who knows. It's not an unpleasant feeling, just different than others I've used. I've been using it for about a month now and haven't noticed any substantial changed in my skin texture or tone. I'll give it another month so see if I notice any changes.
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